Is this the reason why the British royal familys most legendary junior captured men?

 Is this the reason why the British royal familys most legendary junior captured men?

At the first youth film exhibition in 2019, she wore a green gauze skirt of avocado, which made her feel fresh and natural, as if she had put spring on her body

But green is an unpredictable color, different green wear on the body, may give a different impression. A green dress has been painted in the fashion world before - Jennifer Lopez is wearing a green jungle print dress for Versace 2020.

At the 2000 Grammy Awards, J-Lo wore the dress. Her green brings a completely opposite feeling to pure, expressing sharp and wild.

In fact, this dress also has orange one, which is worn by Sandra Bullock, who was young at that time and Oscar winner, and she wore it earlier than j-lo.

Do you think green is more special?

The use of green in clothing has a long history. For example, many centuries ago, when a bride married, she would wear green

Is it a little hard to imagine

As early as in the middle ages and the Renaissance, green symbolizes the nature full of vitality. Choosing green clothes when marriage can express the best wishes for the breeding and reproduction of future generations.

The Arnolfini couple, Jan van Eyck, 1434

It shows Arnolfini and his new wife

In this period, the colors people wear often represent their own class. For example, red can only be worn by nobles, while green represents gentry, such as businessmen, bankers, etc.




In the movie another Boleyns girl, Natalie Portman, who plays amber, appeared in green dresses several times, reflecting the fashion style of this era.

Who is amberline? The first junior three of the British royal family, the Queen Elizabeth I later gave birth to a daughter. In this movie, green has an extended meaning - to highlight the strong character of Henry VIII, who plays with her.

Green is the magic of one color determines the universe. In many literary works, green is even the synonym of demonized and evil.


Sir, its terrible to be jealous. Its a green eyed monster. Whoever makes its sacrifice will be fooled by it.

u2014u2014Shakespeares Othello

In fact, this is often used in film works, for womens skirt design. Compared with other colors, the existence of green always has an extended meaning, as if there is something in it.

Gong Li, the God of love

And these women in green dresses, without adding words, can bring people a complex feeling and attract you to read.

Today we are going to talk about the classic green skirt images in these films, and their inspiration and inspiration for fashion on the red carpet and in life.


Gone with the wind Vivien Li

Gone with the wind, 1939, is probably the earliest memory of Hollywood color films for many people.

Once there was a gone with the wind in a must read masterpiece in middle school. The heroine in the book, Scarlett, was a rich lady who grew up with a golden spoon. She was beautiful and playful with mens hearts. Before the civil war, she lived a life like a famous lady.

In order to support such a story background, gorgeous skirt is essential. In gone with the wind, Vivien Leigh changed her dress to twenty.

But the most talked about one is always the green curtain skirt.

In the movie, Scarletts skirt is made of curtains pulled from the room.

Right: design manuscript

Walter Plunkett, the costume designer of the film, drew inspiration from the morning gowns worn by aristocratic women in the late 19th century, when frills and frills were very popular, really like curtains.

Goddeys ladys book, 1865

In fact, there are several green skirts in gone with the wind, which are distributed in every period of Scarletts growth. They are even better looking than curtain skirts. But why is curtain skirt the most classic one?

The reason is simple. Such a dramatic plot of pleasing men with curtains as a skirt fully reflects Scarletts naive attitude towards things and her good at manipulating mens character, as if the skirt had written the name of Scarlett.

Coupled with the sharp contrast between the striking green and the yellowish prisons in the south of the United States, the curtain skirt finally became famous.

In 1976, Carol Burnett, a famous talk show actress at the time, spoofed the film on her own TV show, in which she recreated it. Although it was a joke, it left a deep impression on the audience.

In the 2018 movie Cinderella, Kate Blanchett plays Cinderellas stepmother. The dress for the Royal dance is similar to the green dress in chaos, and its all grass green.

Grass green is actually a kind of green that is difficult to control, because its yellow tone is heavier and easy to show aging. European and American female stars seldom choose this kind of green when they choose dresses. They also choose simple styles with a strong sense of sagging.

This color is particularly unfriendly to Asians, who have yellow skin and wear grass green to make it more yellow.

However, Zhang Yuqi once wore a quilt type grass green skirt on the red carpet of Cannes in 2013, which caused a lot of discussion at that time.

It has to be said that the choice of this difficult to control green is also a manifestation of unique personality.


Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor

There are many legends in the history of ancient Egypt, but when it comes to the characters, it can be called legend. There must be Cleopatra VII, the last female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, is the Cleopatra VII.

Film Cleopatra 1963

In literary works, Cleopatra is often interpreted as a queen with outstanding talent and resourceful female leader. She conquers Caesar by virtue of her beauty and temperament, and marries him to avoid the annexation of ancient Egypt by Rome.

The film industry loves this strong and romantic image of women. Cleopatra has been interpreted more than 20 times. But in 1963, Elizabeth Taylor was the first actress to be thought of.

The movie itself is also amazing in its grand production. The cost of clothing alone is a record breaking 200000 dollars (equivalent to more than 1.6 million today), and every point is spent on the blade.

Even her golden robe is made of 24K pure gold.

But the most impressive one is the emerald green dress she wore when she sat on the throne, which looks extremely noble.

Elizabeth Taylor has changed 65 sets of clothes in this film, most of them are gold, white or red, they are very gorgeous, but there is such a set of emerald green long skirt, which highlights her quiet and makes her look more noble.

This kind of emerald green and dark green has also become the favorite green for the female star red carpet, contributing countless classic looks.

Zendayas Emmy red carpet, red hair and green skirt this year, seems to be the best choice for the real-life version of the little mermaid

This kind of green can be controlled by all ages. After all, its not age that adds femininity. Zendaya is a good example. The design of openwork and open legs cant stop the elegant temperament.

This kind of Green doesnt pick the skin color, especially for the yellow people, it is very white.

Many actresses also like to wear a lot of jewelry when wearing green skirts, because they can finally take out the jade accessories to bask in the sun.

The girl with green pupils looks especially good in green. Against the green background, their eyes are as bright as jewels. They seem to be born to wear green skirts.

Chinese actresses also like to wear dark green, which looks very classical and mysterious, and can set off white skin.

For example, Gong Li.

Although the one in the middle of Gong Li is not dark green, the overall look is very Cleopatra like

Fan Bingbing also went through the dark green several times, making her look more white.

If you want to look white, you can try the dark green single. If you think the long skirt is heavy, you can consider the short skirt. Like Zhang Ziyi, it is white and young.



Lord of the rings liv Taylor

In 2019, the butter is green for a spring and a summer.

Fashion in the butter green aspect, is also a reincarnation. Rachel from the 1990s hit friends wore this color.

In the film circle, there is seldom such a light green in the old films. What can be found more long ago is the cream green dress that liv Taylor wore in 2003 Lord of the rings 3: the return of the king.

In the movie, Liv Taylor plays the Elven Princess Arwen. She is responsible for four words: beauty, it is over.

And this dress appears at the end of Lord of the rings 3, the moment when the king Aragon returns triumphantly and reunites with the princess of the elves. Liv Taylor herself is the spokesperson of the image of the jade girl. She can feel a kind of Fairy Spirit across the screen in the avocado color skirt.

Unlike dark green, there are few mature female stars wearing this color on the red carpet look. Most of them are young flowers in their early 20s and early 30s.

However, at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Deepika Padukone, a 33 year old Indian actress who had previously appeared on the cover of the American vogue, wore a pompous skirt from Giambattista Valli.

Compared with the Barbie powder from H & M, the color of avocado is really aging and white.

Ellie fanning, who plays the princess in the movie sleeping charm 2, wore a avocado chiffon skirt and decorated it with flowers at the Los Angeles Premiere. Its really like a flower fairy.

The mainlands small flower is not to be outdone. When Zhou Dongyu attended the first youth film exhibition in July this year, he wore a green gauze skirt with butter, which was pure and lovely.

The above group of photos with filter, the scene of GIF can better illustrate the effect.

But the color of avocado is not the favorite color of the mainland female stars. Instead, its similar to mint green. Several flowers are worn. You can comment on it


Atonement Keira Knightley

When it comes to the classic green dress, its Keira Knightley in atonement.

This is the Best Movie Costume in history voted by readers of British fashion magazine InStyle, and its also the moment when Keira Knightley can become a sexy goddess without a career line.

Atonement was set up in the 1930s and 1940s, when the socialites in the upper class were very popular to wear this kind of evening dress with smooth lines and bare skin.

However, Jacqueline Durran, the costume designer, made a more extreme play on this basis: she made the shoulder directly into a sling, the back was more exposed, and the skirt became more elegant. This also reflects her extreme and rebellious character.

Director Joe Wright believes that green is a color that can give people visual impact in the film, so it will not be used frequently, but he just wants this kind of conflict.

In atonement, Keira Knightley wears green clothes several times. Green often implies jealousy in literary works, and it is because of her jealousy that her sister framed the man Lord against her family, which led to the final tragedy.

Keira Knightleys skirt also influenced the fashion circle, directly promoting the trend of suspender skirt.

But promise me that you have to iron this dress in advance, OK? Otherwise, the pleats are too obvious

This is the end of the appreciation of watching movies and learning fashion ~ do you like such subjects? Do you have a green dress like this in your closet? Leave a message to share your feelings ~

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