Gold card wearing Shan leather clothes with leather pants is very strong! Black husband looks helpless

 Gold card wearing Shan leather clothes with leather pants is very strong! Black husband looks helpless

Under the sun, sister Jin wore a pair of leather pants with bright paint, which gave a sense of cheapness. Zou Zou Babas Leg Trouser tubes are all piled up in one place, making the only 160cm elder sister Jin look shorter. The black and shiny hair root is completely attached to the scalp. When you look at it, you know that sister Jin should be wearing a wig. After all, some time ago, sister Jin was still Bobo.

Kanye, who was followed by Kim Kardashian, was as strong and secure as her bodyguard. Kanye was wearing a black cotton padded jacket with a thick vest and blue jeans. It was very rough. Compared with the workers and photographers on the other side, the typical winter wear of sister Jin and Mr. Kanye is like a polar bear, which is very bloated.

Jinjie has always been famous for her charm. No, many people hope to take photos with Jinjie with their mobile phones. A man with a big beard left to fight with Mr. Kan came to elder sister Jin and took a close photo with her. Sister Jin stood on tiptoe a little, stretched out her left hand, which had been shrinking in the leather sleeve, and made a gesture of yes. And the smile of the man who took a picture with sister Jin was really embarrassing and polite. On one side of the Kanye is not surprised to turn his head to one side of the hair.

Finally, she is no longer a side sister Jin. A full-length picture of her face reveals her biggest problem. She tucked the hem of her blouse into her waistband to create a sense of sight for her long legs. But sister Jin didnt notice that her belly was tightly wrapped by the waist of leather pants, and she felt that the meat had been pulled out. And the zipper of the pants swam on the edge of the crack, which was very ugly. No wonder sister Jin said that she had gained 16 Jin in the past time!

The day before yesterday, sister Jin came to New York to attend the innovation award ceremony held by the Wall Street Journal. At the award ceremony, sister Jin, wearing a jeans jumpsuit, and Mr. Kan appeared hand in hand, with bright stars.

The upper body of the Jumpsuit is a one shoulder jeans, which exposes the delicate collarbone and slender neck of sister Jin. The pants of the lower body are made of tight leather pants and jeans. They have both jeans leisure and leather handsome. Sister Jins fat buttocks are tightly wrapped, which makes her waist and legs more slender. Kanye, dressed in Western clothes, is also a hormone burst shed, hugging sister Jins waist, showing his love.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye have been married for 5 years, and they are very affectionate. The other half of the Kardashian sisters are almost black, and their styles are almost the same.

Gold card wearing Shan leather clothes with leather pants is very strong! I believe Ive gained 16 Jin. Black husband looks helpless