5 shares of policy + fund for Rural Revitalization are held by social security fund

 5 shares of policy + fund for Rural Revitalization are held by social security fund

In this regard, analysts generally say that infrastructure construction is the foundation of rural revitalization, including agricultural and rural infrastructure construction, roads, communications, networks, water conservancy, etc., especially water conservancy. According to the national plan, we will vigorously develop efficient water-saving irrigation of farmland, and increase the construction of rural sewage treatment projects, which is expected to bring good investment opportunities. With the promotion of rural revitalization, the realization of (moderate) large-scale operation through land circulation is the basis for improving the efficiency of agricultural industry and realizing the extension of industrial chain. Under the policy support, the leading target of the Rural Revitalization plate may usher in the cross year market.

In the secondary market, since November, the Rural Revitalization sector has been more active, with 13 component shares rising. Among them, * ST cloud investment (8.38%), Tianshan Biology (6.09%), Shennong Technology (6.02%), reclaimed water fishery (5.75%) and LUONIUSHAN (5.64%) were among the top stocks, all of which rose by more than 5%.

In terms of capital flow, since November, a total of 13 concept stocks in the sector have been highly sought after by large single funds, with a total of 233 million yuan. During the period of Longping hi tech, the accumulated net inflow of large single capital was the first, reaching 123940600 yuan. During the three stock periods of LUONIUSHAN, Beidahuang, Shennong technology, etc., large single capital layout of more than 10 million yuan was also received. During the stock periods of Tianshan biology, * ST cloud investment, reclaimed water fishery, Zhangzi Island, Dunhuang seed industry, Xinsai stock, Xiangli stock, Chuangqi international, St Jinggu, etc., large single capital was also raised.

In fact, the fundamentals of Listed Companies in the Rural Revitalization sector have improved significantly. According to the statistics of tonghuashun, the reporter of Securities Daily found that among the listed companies in the revitalization sector of 41 hometown villages, there were 20 companies in the first three quarters of this year that realized the year-on-year growth of net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company, accounting for nearly 50%. In the first three quarters of 2019, the net profits attributable to the shareholders of the parent company of the company, such as Yisheng shares (996.05%), Minhe shares (800.74%), muyuan shares (296.04%), Shengnong development (236.34%), Xiantan shares (194.29%), Denghai seed industry (118.48%) and Wenshi shares (109.84%), doubled year-on-year.

In terms of the annual report performance forecast, as of November 8, five companies have taken the lead in disclosing the annual report performance forecast for 2019, three companies are expected to enjoy the performance forecast, Yisheng shares (533.89%) and Shengnong development (152.74%) are both expected to double the year-on-year performance in 2019, and St East Ocean is expected to turn the full year performance into profit in 2019.

Further statistics show that by the end of the third quarter, five stocks, including Shengnong development (23.505 million shares), Longping high tech (15 million shares), Huaying agriculture (14.8884 million shares), Beidahuang (9.57million shares) and Lihua (3.6746 million shares), were held by social security fund, and the future market is worth looking forward to.

Guotai Junan Securities said that with the continuous promotion of rural revitalization, agricultural production efficiency and product quality will also be improved, and the agricultural sector may usher in a golden development period. In addition, the acceleration of land transfer will open a golden age of large-scale planting in China. First of all, we should be optimistic about the seed industry with the greatest contribution efficiency, and focus on Longping high tech; second, we should focus on the cultivation leader who benefits from land transfer, and focus on the recommendation of suken agricultural development.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Yang qian_nf4425