A survey of burden reduction in primary and secondary schools in Nanjing

 A survey of burden reduction in primary and secondary schools in Nanjing

The parents who take over and accompany the children to reduce their burden are ignorant, if it goes on like this, the children will become the students scum. Parents concerns eventually erupted on social platforms.

On the evening of October 30, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of education responded to this situation: first, it did carry out special rectification and supervision actions against the illegal school running behaviors of compulsory education schools in the near future; second, there were misunderstandings caused by inaccurate understanding of the supervision work and simplified implementation of regulations; third, it was necessary to correct the deviation in the supervision and rectification in time to ensure the justice Business education develops in a standardized and orderly way.

In fact, this is not the first time for Nanjing Primary and secondary school students to reduce their load, let alone a city in Nanjing. It is also the implementation of the load reduction policy. Why does it become a social hot spot in Nanjing?

The interaction of reality and psychology has aroused the concern of some parents in Nanjing, which is a concentrated rebound of the current abnormal burden of compulsory education. He Yu, deputy researcher of the social development research center of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, told the 21st century economic reporter.

From the perspective of teaching and learning, the so-called burden itself is not a problem. The problem lies in the excessive burden and the ineffective burden. Some educators think that the discussion caused by the policy is that the education authorities realize that there are some persistent problems in the practice of education, but there are deviations in the implementation of the policy, it is not the strategic direction of education reform that has problems, but the tactical direction that has problems.

Im so haggard for my baby

The child used to be bound by homework training and problem-solving, and can study hard. After reducing the burden, the childs playful nature will be fully exposed and rebounded. Next year, I will take the entrance examination for junior high school. Can I not worry? On November 7, a parent of a primary school in Hexi District of Nanjing told the 21st century economic reporter.

Another parent also said that after the scores and rankings of the previous examinations were published, they could also make targeted evaluation, praise, urge and urge. Now, how are you learning? I dont know!

The 21st century economic reporter found in the interview that most of the current primary and secondary school scholars were born before and after the reform and opening up. Compared with the learning experience of the two generations of primary and secondary schools, many parents have the same exclamation: first, junior high school and senior high school are the key stages of their own mental Enlightenment; second, the former talent + diligence learning magic weapon faces many methods of education and training institutions On the impact; third, the former classroom education has become the main extracurricular counseling class.

In recent years, the low age of learning pressure has become more and more obvious, focusing on the current stage of compulsory education.

A parent who teaches in a university told our reporter that now small promotion is too important to go to a good junior high school. Most of the childrens learning ceiling is basically shaped, which directly affects the fierce competition in the future.

Some educational practitioners and researchers point out that in the past decades, the diversion of life growth track, from high school to junior high school, and then to the current primary school, often determines the fate to a large extent. Once the quality education is not obtained, changing life through education has become a small probability event.

However, some parents agree with the current load reduction, from the perspective of children, energy has generally reached the limit; from the perspective of parents, the expenditure on education has also reached the limit.. A parent sighed to the reporter: the tuition fee for one weeks piano training alone is 1200 yuan.

There is no contradiction between learning and burden, but some irresponsible educators have no ability and mind to really help children learn. Instead, they use the anxiety of parents and children to confuse the two problems consciously or unconsciously. They rely on the awareness of selling anxiety and confusion to induce people to transfer their expectations of learning challenges to rigid and repetitive learning Its time to coerce students and parents into spending a lot of extra time and money on hard and tiring training. A junior high school teacher said so.

Behind the worries of parents is the competition caused by the scarcity of high-quality education resources. For most parents, there are some savings but limited investment in education. They have high expectations for their children. They hope that investment will pay off, and education is their only expectation and choice.

Education is professional and each subject has its own characteristics. Its one thing for parents to master knowledge, and its another thing to let children understand through what means. One parent lamented that after the implementation of the load reduction policy, it is equivalent to putting such a heavy task on parents, and to coach all disciplines. Even if parents have a high degree, they cannot be proficient in all subjects.

In addition to the compulsory education courses and related extra-curricular tutoring classes, the preliminary statistics show that childrens extra-curricular learning classes have a wide range of types, including: Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, sports, English, speech and eloquence, natural science and so on.

The key is that only those children who integrate these knowledge and skills can be more confident to face the comprehensive quality test of top junior middle school. If there is no training class, there is no way to start with the abstract ability and imagination questions in the comprehensive quality test, and it is not enough to rely on the classroom education under the education outline.

Less the burden of off campus training institutions

With the reduction of education burden, teachers dont have too much maladjustment.

In a primary school in Gulou District, Nanjing, although the school ends at 3 p.m., parents will pick up after 5 p.m., because most of the children choose the in school training class after school, and the price is lower than the outside.

The education sector is aware of the problems of reducing the burden. A junior high school teacher with 30 years of teaching experience in a district of Jiangsu Province told reporters of the 21st century economic report that there had been a round of load reduction before, which resulted in many regular words of children in a junior high school were not written correctly, the teaching content completed in the past 15 minutes, this years students have to use longer time, and the effect is not good.

The reporter learned in the interview that after the start of school in autumn 2019, due to the reduction of the provincial inspection burden, Jiangsu primary and junior high schools did not carry out the unified mid-term examination in the name of county (city, district) as usual, but organized the examination by each school itself.

Different from Nanjing, although different cities in Jiangsu Province have also carried out load reduction in different ways, it has not caused too much discussion among parents. In many county junior high schools, under the policy of reducing the burden, late self-study has been cancelled, and students school time lasts from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In this regard, an education system official told the 21st century economic report that the compulsory education stage in many cities in Jiangsu Province is mainly completed in schools through public education. However, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, has a higher degree of education marketization, developed all kinds of off campus training institutions, and many contents of the compulsory education stage are transferred from inside to outside, so the burden is reduced in Nanjing Fermentation does not rule out the incitement of various institutions and the blind conformity of parents.

Now in primary school, most of the knowledge points pass by, because the teachers basically default that the knowledge in the textbook has been learned in the extra-curricular training class. An educator told reporters.

For teachers in the compulsory education stage, the feelings in recent years seem to be in the increasing negative. Some teachers told the 21st century economic reporter that sometimes they made a surprise inspection, sometimes they pushed the door to listen to the class, or the inspectors sent papers on the spot to inspect the students qualification rate, which often forced the schools academic affairs office to adjust the original arranged semester teaching order, and the non main course learning was often replaced.

In fact, when it comes to reducing the burden, whether its students, parents, educators, or even people in the education function department have come to a conclusion to the 21st century economic reporter: reducing the burden is more important to reduce the burden of off campus training institutions. If we put too much emphasis on reducing the burden inside the school, it will increase the burden outside the school, so that parents have to invest more money and energy in the training institutions outside the school. However, examination is still the baton of educational reform.

Equalization of educational opportunities

In analyzing the differences between the compulsory education of the two generations in the past 40 years, a parent told the 21st century economic reporter that the reason why they were admitted to the county in that year was the result of the top-notch examination, relying on the sea of questions tactics and diligence to play a key role in cultural subjects, as well as some problem-solving skills.

But now, not only in Nanjing, but also in the top junior middle schools that play the role of education vane in every city. In the selection of junior high school, in addition to cultural courses, there are also considerations of comprehensive quality, as well as talents such as Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting.

In practice, these questions are often not included in the examination syllabus prescribed by the Ministry of education, but learned through off campus tutoring courses. In addition, because the off campus tutoring course is closely related to many key entrance examinations, especially some people who have a certain range of educational and teaching discourse rights and proposition rights are often the chief or special appointment of teaching auxiliary institutions. The question types and solution skills taught after class can replace the past students perception. That is to say, extra-curricular learning is more suitable to get scores in the exam, especially in the comprehensive quality test.

A parent of a student from a top junior high school in Xianlin District, Nanjing, told the 21st century economic reporter that the school of the child had carried out a simulated study tour of the United Nations. From the venue to clothing, many details were 100% benchmarked to the setting of the United Nations. Ordinary families cant afford such activities at all, and children cant be integrated into the scene experiment. Moreover, the schools overseas travel Learning is the norm, and the cost of each trip is in tens of thousands.

Many ordinary families are directly deterred by the scenario of simulating the United Nations and the investment they need. They voluntarily give up the opportunity to enter such schools which represent the wind vane of education level, and the competition and gap are also transferred from students to families.

He Yu, deputy researcher of social development research center of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, who has participated in many research projects of education reform, pointed out that the current equalization of education in compulsory education has met the requirements of the state in terms of facilities and equipment, but the equalization of opportunities is far from being realized, and the way in which students can enter the high-quality education has changed fundamentally, and whether they can enjoy the high-quality education resources and The expenditure ability of family education is in direct proportion to the situation that the winner takes all. The baton to decide the education reform is the exam, but the exam is ultimately determined by the way of admission.

However, some people in the education system, when interviewed by 21st century economic reporter, believed that at present, whether it is the junior high school entrance examination, the middle school entrance examination or the college entrance examination, the difficulty of the examination still takes into account all students, efficiency and fairness, and the difficulty has not increased, otherwise there will not be a high enrollment rate.

In this regard, some scholars pointed out that although the difficulty of the test has not been improved, the content of the test can be selected directionally. For example, some examination questions need to analyze the K-line chart of the stock, which is obviously more beneficial to urban students, or most of the questions are more successful for students who have participated in extra-curricular training.

Now it is true that the problem of everyone having a school has been solved, but the high-quality education resources are further concentrated in the top schools, and the top schools of primary school and junior high school monopolize the rising path, leading to the trampling effect of the enrollment competition of the top schools. And all kinds of teaching aid institutions, not to solve the problem of whether there is a school, but to solve the problem of which school. Some education researchers said, once entering a famous school, it represents the opportunity to enter 985, 211 and the future life path.

Some educational practitioners told reporters of the 21st century economic report that examinations are utilitarian, but only examinations can truly test the results of teaching and education. Therefore, the key of education reform lies in whether it can provide the society with a real and effective examination, and take it as a baton to lead the compulsory education teaching to an effective teaching and learning step by step.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Yang qian_nf4425