The soul of love: Wenning subverts the design of human beings, and Wei Wuxian flashes into the biggest egg

 The soul of love: Wenning subverts the design of human beings, and Wei Wuxian flashes into the biggest egg


I started to watch petition u00b7 soul after 12 oclock last night. At the beginning, it was really a ghost story. But apart from creating the atmosphere, I dont know what the setting at the beginning means more. Then, general winning appeared. Fight with the puppet of unknown origin, and then a blue light appears - think of catching up. Therefore, they pursue the gratitude and resentment of the Xiao family of Xianmen in the past.


In addition, these are some of the most important feelings in this novel

Good warm sister: Xiao Qing, Xiao Yis half sister. Lets not worry, Xiao Qing loves his younger brother as her elder martial sister Jiang Chaoli does. Anyway, its like a woman who owes her IQ. She was burned to death three times in a row, each time dancing as if dancing.

Good Xue Yangs expression: subconsciously, winning sees another self in the inner world. His continuous self record, in a word, is that he and Wei Wuxian cant go too far. Said to be manipulated by Wei Wuxian, had to listen to Wei Wuxians call. The expression is full of Xue Yangs body.

Good Jin Guangyaos lines: no wonder the villains are not terrible. Whats terrible is the villains and culture. In this culture, the ability to speak is too good. Baji Baji, just like Jin Guangyao who can win the Oscar. Wenning, I dont know what to do.

Good Saint fighters play: in the end, winning broke the inner bondage. He was completely liberated from the soul, and his force value increased. However, this chain has become a spirit artifact. Its like a-hun in the holy fighter, and an upgraded version.


Of course, all of these are not worth the back of good Wei Wuxian. Who said that Wei Wuxian only lived in the lines of Chen Qing Ling Sheng hun? In Wennings subconscious, Wei Wuxian appears. Although less than a minute before and after the appearance, but enough to make everyone tear. He ran out to save winning, who was struggling inside. Wei Wuxian said: the world calls you a ghost general. Do you think you are a puppet? Winning, what matters is how you think of yourself. Even if you are different from ordinary people, you know that a lover is worth being loved. How can you be a walking corpse? Follow your heart and find your own life!

Seeing Wei Wuxians back and hearing the BGM of Chen Qing Ling - this is the biggest egg of Chen Qing Ling Sheng Hun.

Dont force too much for this big online movie. Next time, dont forget to ask for Han Guangjun to come here to play a guest!