Chen Qingling: the best senior sister in the world, Wei Wuxian misses you

 Chen Qingling: the best senior sister in the world, Wei Wuxian misses you


Jiang Cheng is Wei Wuxians good friend, but they cant match. Jiangfengmian is not envious of Wei, but also the expectation of the elders. So, you dont want to watch Wei Wuxian fish and pick lotus seeds every day, but he is the Jiangs disciple who knows best that he cant do it. To live up to Jiang Fengmian is Wei Wuxians way of repaying the kindness of upbringing. As for elder martial sister, she protects him from beginning to end.

There are several scenes in which Wei Wuxian recalls his childhood. What impresses me most is being chased to death by dogs. He shouted elder martial sister, help me, and Jiang tired of leaving always appears magically. Just like later, Han Guangjun heard that Lan Zhan, save me could come from the sky no matter how far away. Block in front of Wei Wuxian, drive away the vicious dog for him. Its nice to be protected. Those who are willing to protect you, dear ones.


I have a strong sense that Jiang detested Wei more than Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng is not jealous, think sister Wei no envy over eccentric. I think its not necessarily an illusion. That is from the tolerance and understanding of women. How does Jiang Cheng know? He is also extremely depressed. From his father to his sister, they all look at Wei Wuxian differently. What about him? As the Lord, he was oppressed by Wei Wuxian everywhere.

Ancestor of the devil way said that Wei Wuxian liked to deal with young and beautiful girls. But in the petition, Wei Wuxian did nothing but play with Mianmian. All care and care for women were given to senior sister. Jin Xuan speaks rudely to his elder martial sister. He is so angry that he begins to fight directly. Also let paper envy run to comfort elder martial sister, his envy is also worthy of elder martial sisters love.


After that, great changes took place. In order to protect the Wens, Wei Wuxian had to rebel against the rule. Han Guangjun tells him that elder martial sister is going to marry. He felt so sad that he couldnt come to bless himself. Even asshole and asshole prepare a gadget for Jinling. As long as elder martial sister is happy and happy - Wei Wuxian, she doesnt care about anything.

Yes, people all over the world think Wei Wuxian killed Jin Zixuan. Elder martial sister doesnt believe it. She also runs to Jinyutai to find her own envy. Just to talk with Wei Wuxian, tell his elder martial sister not to blame him and believe him. In order to block the sword for Wei Wuxian, elder martial sister died on the spot. I cant drink the lotus root chops soup made by my elder martial sister any more. I cant hear my elder martial sister shouting a Xian. Wei Wuxian immediately collapsed, he lost the most cherished people.

Jiang Yanli is the best senior sister in the world. She knows that Wei Wuxian wants to miss her very much