Rich wife, is the first step of a happy family!

 Rich wife, is the first step of a happy family!

Some time ago, there was a video fire on the Internet.

A wife received a gift from her husband, opened it and found it was a new mobile phone.

The husband said: I cant use your mobile card. Ill buy you a new one!!

My wife felt for her new cell phone and cried, why do you buy such a expensive one? Before he had finished speaking, tears began to fall.

The husband comforts: expensive is expensive, but my wife is worth it!

The man gave the best answer to why he should have a rich wife.

In fact, for a woman, its not how much money a man spent for her, but a value and love to prove his unique position in her lovers heart.

On the other hand, when a man really loves a woman, even if he is poor, he will be willing to give everything.

In a marriage, those wives who are supported by their husbands must be rich and strong in heart, and the contribution that the wife gives to the whole family will far exceed what she gets.

@White peach jam for 15 years

I had a second child a few years ago. My mother-in-law came to help me with my baby.

Because the concept of bringing children is not the same, my mother-in-law and I will have some differences and contradictions.

Once I overheard my mother-in-law saying that she was not my husband, and he replied, she is not such a person, I believe her!

Its so good that the one you love most can support you all the time!

@Lovesickness red bean marriage 11 years

My husband usually goes on a lot of business, but almost every time he goes to a place, he wants to bring me some small gifts.

Once I ran more than 200 kilometers, I bought a bag of my favorite dates for me, and I was reluctant to eat them for a long time.

@Fish to fish to get married for 5 years

You never need to take your brain with you when you go out with your husband. You can give him the key backpack without worrying about losing it.

He remembers clearly what I like to eat, which kind of food I want to eat, which store is on which road.

He knows better than I when to come to my aunt and what she cant eat.

This feeling of being valued is just as rich as the enemy!

@8 years of marriage

When he went to school, he had only the last eight yuan and spent all his money to buy me a drumstick.

After marrying him, he is still the man who gives me all the money as long as I need it.

After giving birth to his daughter, he always said: we should strive to make money, after all, we have two daughters to support~

@South arbor marriage 22 years

What you fry is delicious! Just because of my words, my husband rushed into the kitchen as soon as he came home from work. It has been 20 years since then, which makes my cooking tasteless.

William Golding, a famous British writer, once said:

No matter what you give to a woman, you will get more rewards. You give her a house, she gives you a home; you give her a pile of ingredients, she gives you a meal of food; you give her a smile, she gives you the whole heart.

The wife is the most important person in the family. Its worth the husbands life to give back. Only when the wife is rich can the family and everything begin.

Some people will say: of course, I know its good to have a rich wife, but I really cant. I cant afford to have a poor wife without money.

In fact, it is more important to raise the mind. The most important thing for a rich wife is not how much money to give her, but love.

This kind of love, is to understand her pay for this family, when she is tired, take her hand and face the trivial life together.

This kind of love is to give her a shoulder when she is questioned, and to be her most solid support.

A woman is like a flower. As long as she gives enough love, she can benefit the whole family.

Ren Zhengfei, President of Huawei, said:

We succeed to make more money for our wives, not to be world leaders.

Alibaba founder Ma Yun said:

No matter how powerful a man is, he is nothing without a woman. Why did I succeed, because I went home to listen to my wife.

You see, good men all understand the importance of wives to themselves, because they know that any investment can not be as high as the return of rich wives.

Some people say that when a womans heart is hot, a little love can fill her heart, but when its cold, it cant be hot any more.

Rich wife, is the first step of family happiness, because she is expensive very worthy!

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