Meihao real estate groups new mode of smart building of beautiful houses made a brilliant debut at the housing Expo

 Meihao real estate groups new mode of smart building of beautiful houses made a brilliant debut at the housing Expo

New mode derived from the concept of transformation and upgrading

On the first day of development, Liu Daoming, chairman of Meihao real estate group, accompanied relevant leaders of the center for science and technology and industrial development of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development (hereinafter referred to as the construction science and Technology Center) to visit Meihao real estate booth, introduced in detail Meihao real estates transformation and upgrading practices and actions in the field of assembly construction, and thoroughly interpreted the major advantages of Meihao housing intelligent manufacturing mode. Leaders of the construction science and technology center highly affirmed the achievements of Meihao real estate in the field of prefabricated construction, and hoped Meihao real estate would adhere to its original intention and help Chinas construction industry transformation and upgrading with practical actions.

In the afternoon, the 18th National Assembly Building and assembly decoration industry technology innovation exchange conference was held at the same time. Liu Daoming, chairman of Meihao real estate group and founder of Meihao public welfare, was invited to attend the conference and delivered the keynote speech of transformation from real estate enterprise to housing intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

In the face of many challenges such as serious aging of traditional construction industry, more manual work and fragmented management, Meihao real estate deeply understands that the development of prefabricated buildings is an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, as well as the general trend, and has been exploring the housing intelligent construction mode with the user demand as the goal. Based on these problems and reflections, chairman Liu Daoming reviewed the corporate strategy that Meihao real estate implemented in the past to promote urban and rural construction in China, and at the same time, he introduced in detail the specific practices of Meihao real estates transformation to housing intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and explained the advantages of Meihao housing intelligent manufacturing mode in technical system, research and development, design, production, assembly, operation, service, etc.

Smart building of beautiful houses mode: with advanced composite shear wall technology as the core and user demand as the goal, the whole process of technical services is carried out, internal and external resources are integrated, advanced BIM Technology and myhome ytwo enterprise cloud platform are used, and technical services, planning and design, investment consultation, component production, logistics distribution, assembly and construction, product marketing, decoration and decoration have been established To the intelligent building system of housing in the whole industrial chain.

Strength and beauty coexist, making the audience the most popular

In this exhibition, the most eye-catching is the e2a08 exhibition hall where Meihao real estate is located. As the model house of tomorrows house in 2019, it is a simple white and passionate red collision. The walls and floors are combined into the shape of the initials m and H of the English myhome with the company name beautiful, which conveys the implication that prefabricated buildings make more people live a better life. A large number of exhibitors are in the exhibition areas of beautiful assembly booths. The staff answer many technical questions in detail. The crowd is the most popular on the site.

Shear wall structure system, intelligent chemical plant, core products, and smart building mode of beautiful houses brought industry black technology to the four exhibition areas, and also attracted the heads of assembly construction enterprises, real estate developers and other industry practitioners from all over the world to visit, they have a detailed understanding of the solutions to the pain points of the assembly construction industry, and jointly explore the most assembly construction New research results. In succession, CCTV, Beijing TV and other TV media and dozens of online video media rushed to the exhibition site to explore how Meihao real estate focused on the industry trends and hit the industry pain points directly.

Exploration 1: innovate technology and create zero defect of products

It depends on whether the construction quality, quality and performance have been comprehensively improved to measure whether the prefabricated building is a really good new construction method. If it fails to meet this requirement, it is to industrialize for the sake of industrialization, without understanding the real essence. A series of scientific and technological innovation, promotion and progress in the field of construction are ultimately to better meet the needs of the people in the future.

At this point, the series of innovative practices of Meihao real estate are worth learning, and many people in the industry stop to understand the technical system. The company introduced the German composite shear wall technology system and explored the construction technology of the composite shear wall system. Up to now, it has obtained 72 patents and solved a number of domestic technical problems. Under the requirement of 7-degree seismic fortification intensity, the building height can reach 100 meters, which is the leading level in China.

In addition, the ebos central control system is adopted in Meihao laminated board production line to realize the automatic control of the whole production process, and the strict ex factory inspection system ensures the zero defect of PC product quality; after the product arrives at the site, the quality inspection personnel conduct the entry inspection to prevent the unloading of the product that has an impact on the quality in the transportation process.

Secret II: intelligent production, easy to solve the procrastination of construction period

As an important part of the whole set of assembled integral composite shear wall structure technology, many core international advanced PC equipment and technology are presented in PC factory. The sand table display of the standard chemical plant on site and the simple explanation by professional technicians have constantly aroused the admiration of the audience on site. Meanwhile, the whole process of design, production, transportation and construction of the digital driven PC has been deeply interpreted, and at the same time, the speed surprise brought by the intellectualization is also felt.

Meihao real estate introduced international advanced production lines, equipped with intelligent central control system, and connected with the industry-leading ytwo5dbim enterprise level cloud platform in real time, effectively promoted the collaborative work of all disciplines of intelligent building, realized the integration of design, production and construction, and guaranteed the refinement of intelligent building of PC products and the full automation of production process. The number of production line personnel was reduced by 50%, greatly improving production efficiency The designed annual capacity of PC components of the plant can reach 300000 cubic meters, and it can assemble more than 4 million square meters of residential buildings.

Generally, the average construction period of cast-in-place concrete residential floor is 7 days, while the prefabricated concrete composite shear wall produced by Meihao real estate can replace the cast-in-place formwork in a large range, with high production efficiency and fast construction progress. It only takes 3-5 days to build a floor of residential building, which meets the requirements of seismic fortification and greatly shortens the construction period.

Exploration 3: pay attention to construction technology and solve quality control problems efficiently

In this exhibition, Meihao real estate selected three special prefabricated components, namely double-sided composite shear wall, sandwich insulation single-sided composite shear wall and composite floor, to show the latest research and development results of the assembled composite shear wall structure technology system.

As far as the prefabricated concrete structure technology is concerned, at present, the construction of prefabricated buildings in China lacks the management mechanism suitable for the prefabricated construction, and the pursuit of speed ignores the technology In view of this industry pain point, Meihao real estate insists on focusing on the practical application of the construction stage of the assembled monolithic concrete system in China after introducing the German double skin wall technology. Through the practice and verification of many projects, Meihao real estate composite shear wall system has the characteristics of integrated design, full automatic production, multiple batches, convenient fault tolerance, etc. Among them, convenient and fault-tolerant is the biggest highlight of construction technology. Compared with prefabricated concrete shear wall with sleeve grouting technology, in terms of convenience, because of its unique cavity system, the laminated shear wall is connected by overlapping horizontal and vertical additional reinforcement, and the cast-in-place concrete connects the upper and lower walls as a whole, with a larger joint surface, saving formwork, labor, sleeve and grouting Mortar, no plastering; in terms of fault tolerance, the space of the composite shear wall cavity is much larger than the space required by the joint bar, the internal pouring situation is visually displayed, the quality is strictly controlled, making the installation simple and the detection intuitive.

Secret 4: low cost and wide service, directly reaching the users sense of gain

In the smart building mode of beautiful houses, no matter what time period, many visitors come to inquire, even leave contact information on site to further understand and meet, becoming the hottest card punching place. So, what is the reason behind the smart building model of beautiful houses attracted the attention of the industry? In short, it is to pay attention to the needs of users, reduce costs by virtue of the comprehensive advantages of beautiful real estate, and directly reach the sense of user acquisition.

The smart building mode of beautiful house initiated by Meihao real estate is based on the needs of users. In the early stage of project construction, it is necessary to fully investigate the needs of users, face customers directly and understand their needs. Service first, through the whole process of agent development and agent construction, covering the whole life cycle of the project. Through the upstream and downstream chain of the housing industry, integrate resources efficiently, provide a complete set of housing solutions, and with the comprehensive advantages of labor saved from the factory to the construction site, template saved by replacing template with laminated plate, convenient and efficient management of ytwo information platform, labor saved by shortening the construction period, etc., let beautiful assembly effectively reduce costs.

Industry insiders said that Meihao real estates ability in standardized technology, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management and other aspects has been generally recognized by the market. This is the first time that it has made an amazing appearance at the Expo, presenting the application thinking of enterprises on the new transformation of Chinas assembly industry, which is worth learning from the industry.

With the release of the smart building of beautiful houses model, it marks that smart building has added a lot of color to the grand blueprint of the field of prefabricated buildings, opened the ecological layout of the whole industrial chain of smart building of houses, took serving urban and rural construction as its own responsibility, practiced corporate social responsibility, and fed back the society.