The terrible thing about human nature is that the Buddha is the devil only in one thought

 The terrible thing about human nature is that the Buddha is the devil only in one thought

At that time, men were to be beheaded and women were to be soaked in pigsty. According to the rules of the Grand View Garden, schoolboys were to be killed alive with disorderly sticks. Women are sold at a low price or even sent to brothels to sell themselves. For any master, how to deal with two slaves? I dont need to think about the result.

So the two slaves knelt down together. Please forgive me!

People who have read the dream of Red Mansions all know that there is a hidden rule in Red Mansions, that is, everyone is very tolerant of their sexuality, but they are very interested in other peoples sexuality, so they have to fight to death and watch the fun. This is the horror of human nature.

However, in the red chamber, Jia Baoyu is absolutely a wonderful flower.

Baoyu scolds his schoolboy, looks at baijingjings girl, covers her chest, and looks coquettish. He bowed his head and said nothing. He stamped his foot and said, not fast yet..

In view of this, you will know how pure Jia Baoyu is and how greasy he is not as an adult. The goodness of human nature shines on him. In fact, in more sense, Jia Baoyu is a positive image figure of safeguarding womens rights and is deeply loved by women.

In the Grand View Garden of schadenfreude, if anyone sees this, he will announce it to the public and ask for help. And make a lot of discussion, people all know, and even boiling, so that the parties are difficult to survive.

The girl was reminded to trot all the way. Baoyu chased out and said, dont be afraid, I wont tell others.. You see, thats what makes him cute. After that, Baoyu asked the schoolboy Mingyan how old she was. Sixteen years old, said the schoolboy. Do that without even asking about your age. Youre a coward, too.

Baoyu sighed and said: I ran today, I think there will be some nature in the future. You see, this is the wonderful part of the dream of Red Mansions.

Whats more, Jia Baoyu really understood the hardships of women being bound in that era.

And another girl named multi girl.

Her man is a small man, not a tool, left in the corner, like a rotten China, no one cares. I get drunk every day. According to the present situation, many women want to complain, but many girls dont show any expression of complaint. Instead, it became known as the popular lover.

Everyone wants to get on the bus. Because of his reputation, even Jia Lian wanted to start, but Wang Xifeng was worried about it. Never dare to act. However, many girls walked around his study, which made Jia Lian like a hungry rat. Every day, she wandered around looking for a chance to steal food.

At this time, it happened that her daughter had a rash. Wang Xifeng was busy inside and outside. Jia Lian asked his servants to arrange it. He slipped into many girls room in the middle of the night while many girls were sleeping.

Many people have questions. What kind of woman is she? The answer given in the book is that all the men who have slept with him use one sentence to describe it: the whole body melts on her. It can be seen how good many girls bed skills are.

Jia Lian cant get up even after he sleeps. The book says that this woman is naturally funny. Once he gets close to her, her whole body will be paralyzed, making him like lying on cotton.

In the book, for Jia Lian, who is in the body of many girls, there is no limit to his profligacy and profligacy. And the more waves the woman had, the more ugly Jia Lian became. Jia Lian was very active and panting. He really found the confidence of men in many girls.

It also indirectly proves how domineering and powerful Wang Xifeng was at that time.

This girl is not afraid of power, Wang Xifeng and her husband. In a patriarchal society, this is really another voice for womens struggle. I have to sleep all my life before I give up. At that time, she was also a female representative.

In fact, to see the dream of Red Mansions, we must pay more attention to the ups and downs of the fate of small people, which is the reflection of reality.

The terrible thing about human nature is that the Buddha is a devil, only in one thought.

Wash and sleep. Good night.