The poor cannot afford to marry, and the rich have wives and concubines in droves

 The poor cannot afford to marry, and the rich have wives and concubines in droves

No. 2 answer:

Call on you big head.

If you think that women are not material and prices are not high, the house price is three yuan and one square meter, and the price of vegetables is a few cents, everyone can have wives and concubines in groups, are women enough?

Everyone comes out with a villa cruise. How to distinguish the rich and the poor from the poor, and how to choose a woman who looks good at you at the same time? At this time, only the rich and the poor can choose. Otherwise, how to choose?

So listen to me, buy a car and a house as soon as possible, rush to the front line, and dont let me appeal to women not to pay money. If you want me to appeal, I have to appeal to women to pay money.

Love is the rich, and love is the poor.

I want you to rush to the front line to buy a house, and I want women to pay money. Its not vulgar. Its respect for you. When you carry a high foot glass, lie in your arms with a beautiful woman, hold cash in your hand, and shake your legs, you know that I respect you.

In addition, I would like to call for more betrothal gifts.

First, after marriage, the number of people returning to their mothers home is becoming less and less. Even some foreign wives dont see their parents all year round. My parents are paralyzed and ill. I cant see my daughter.

Second, the surname of the child follows the surname of the man, that is to say, he married to give birth to children for men, which belongs to disguised trafficking.

You can say that its the money for selling your daughter. Shouldnt you ask for a high price when you have such a big baby? Youre sick in bed and not around. I also want to call other peoples parents to be parents. If you have a child, you have to follow the mans surname. You should ask for a high price.

After all, giving birth to someone elses family is for the dead.

Therefore, the price of bride price cannot be saved, and it is more and more expensive. If you marry a daughter-in-law, you will be ruined. Do you dare to divorce and marry again? If you can adapt, you can adapt. If you cant, you can stand by the side. Isnt this society divided into 369 grades, the first line and the 18th line?

Really, I think that when people grow up, dont be afraid, dont be afraid to face human nature, dont be afraid to give bride price, dont be afraid of social chaos, dont be afraid of other people getting rich overnight, which may make you love the world more.

Because this society is so rich.

As soon as your mind declines, your wife will be inferior to others. As soon as you complain about the society, the society will criticize you. As soon as you fall in love with a woman, she will not love you. As soon as the bride price is high, you have to learn knowledge to make money. As soon as a woman pays money, the society will progress.

There is no fairer deal. Wash and sleep. Good night.