Wang Sicong owes 150 million yuan, and Luo Yonghao becomes a Laolai: young people, dont want to start a business

 Wang Sicong owes 150 million yuan, and Luo Yonghao becomes a Laolai: young people, dont want to start a business

The executed amount is about 150 million yuan.

First, popularize the concept of executee.

According to the law, only if the parties refuse to perform the courts judgment or the arbitration award, can they be listed as the enforced person.

However, there are essential differences between executee and dishonest executee.

According to a lawyer, Wang Sicongs property will be seized and the debt will be paid by compulsory execution after the execution order is issued.

If all the property is not enough to pay off his debts, he will be listed as the dishonest executor.

To analyze why Wang Sicong got into the debt storm, we need to start from his entrepreneurial experience.

Ten years ago, Wang Sicong took 500 million yuan from Wang Jianlin to start his own business.

After several twists and turns, there are countless cross-border businesses, and the three major entrepreneurial projects that ultimately have a great impact are: Beijing price investment, banana project, panda live.

Some people say that 2019 is the year of Wang Sicongs water inversion.

At the beginning of March, it was estimated that 5 billion panda live broadcasts had declared bankruptcy and shut down the servers.

The reason is that the capital chain is broken and the financier cannot be found.

Then, the equity of the company under the banana plan was frozen.

According to Tianyan, Wang Sicongs shares have been frozen for up to three years.

One wave is not flat and another is rising.

Beijing price Investment Co., Ltd., which is 100% owned by Wang Sicong, was frozen by the court.

The specific amount of the freeze is not known, but the date of the freeze is as long as three years.

In addition, many companies controlled by Wang Sicong have faced liquidation (bankruptcy).

If that doesnt say anything, you can click Weibo again.

Wang Sicong, known as the Discipline Inspection Committee of entertainment circle, now chooses to clear all microblogs.

To be honest, in nine out of ten, Wang Sicongs business is at a low point.

But no matter how bad the ending is, whether he can get out of the trough or not, he is finally lucky.

Because he has a way out.

As everyone joked: Wang Sicongs 500 million ending, but inheriting Wang Jianlins 150 billion beginning, what do we care for him?

Yes, his name is Wang Sicong. He has a calm way out and N chances to start again.

But what about those entrepreneurs whose families have not been demolished and who have no rich fathers?

For example, Luo Yonghao.

What kind of experience is entrepreneurship?

Luo Yonghao once described it like this: in these six years, I have a meal with my wife at most once a week. I often go home at two or three oclock at night. My wife has gone to bed. I get up at nine oclock. She has left. After work, she has gone to bed again.

We all know that Luo Yonghao is an entrepreneur.

After resigning in New Oriental in 2006, he founded

In the era when wechat was not born, with only two years of operation, the number of users of Niubo broke through 1 million, once becoming an industry myth.

But the next year, Niubo fell to the altar and the company closed down.

After that, Luo Yonghao set up an English training school.

But after several setbacks, he failed.

In 2012, Luo Yonghao started the most brilliant and frustrating venture in his life, which was hammer technology.

In an interview, he talked about the difficulty of the venture.

He said that although Im good at public speaking, its actually one of the most unhappy things.

Because of the need of promotion, he often makes speeches all over the country.

Sometimes bad luck, wake up from the hotel, a station to the window, a glance can see the speech venue.

Luo Yonghao said that the waiting process is similar to the feeling of being sentenced to death reprieve.

Luo Yonghao also said that he always thought that entrepreneurs committed suicide because it was difficult to get from extravagance to frugality.

But the truth is far from it.

You need to pull people to finance, you need to dig people everywhere, roadshow everywhere: brother, come to work with me! I will never do you wrong!

But its too hard to start a business.

It has too many uncertain, unknowable, uncontrollable factors.

Sometimes, you cant stand it anymore and want to leave. You can go to the office and find that you dont have the courage to give up.

Because you didnt have the cheek to say to shareholders and employees, Im sorry, I didnt believe what I said. I shouldnt have fooled you into giving up such a good future as Alibaba and Tencent.

I want to commit suicide, said Luo

But at that time, Luo Yonghao certainly did not expect that after a winter, there was a colder winter.

On September 4 this year, Luo Yonghao was listed as a Laolai because he was unable to repay the companys debts.

Cant fly, cant do motor cars, cant travel, children cant go to high fee private schoolsu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

But Luo Yonghaos real pressure at this moment is not the reduction of living standards, but the huge debt that he is unable to pay: 300 million RMB.

In the microblog, he said frankly: in 2018, the company fell into a crisis and owed 600 million yuan of debt... Now it has paid off 300 million yuan.

Did Luo Yonghao apply for bankruptcy?

Not yet. Im still carrying it.

Applying for bankruptcy liquidation, although he can get rid of his huge debts by law, he can be saved in the Laolai list.

But on the other hand, he will lose the trust of all investors and partners, and then have no chance to turn over.

Stubborn as Lao Luo, of course, would not admit defeat.

He only has to carry the pressure that outsiders cant imagine, continue to walk, continue to think of suicide for one second, and then stand on the stage to fight chicken blood for employees.

Actually, I feel sorry for Lao Luo.

In other words, from Lao Luo, I can see the current situation of most entrepreneurs: with a life-long attitude, doing things with a very low success rate.

According to some data, in 2014, there were 3.5 million new registered companies in China, but the number of closed companies reached 3 million.

In other words, ten entrepreneurs and nine dead.

Bill Gates has a saying: Microsoft is only 18 months away from bankruptcy!

I believe that even Bill Gates is a little too optimistic.

At the beginning of 2017, I had the honor to experience an entrepreneurship.

It took me half a life to invest 100000 yuan and raise 400000 yuan.

Selected is the fitness industry, the landmark of the outer suburbs of Shanghai.

Originally thought to avoid the prime location, the competitiveness will be weak, but the reality has severely fanned me.

In the second month of our opening, we set up a fitness club by turning 400 meters to the left.

Within a few months, two more families appeared nearby.

We sell 300 classes, and the other side sells 200.

If the other side sells 200, the other one is not willing to sell 150.

I was worried. How can I live like this when I sell 150?!

Its not good if we dont reduce the price. All the guests run to other people.

I cant help but stand on the street with my partner with a large number of flyers: come here, now we have activities. Now its only 200 yuan a day.

In those months, I only slept six hours a day on average.

During the day, I am one of the top two employees. At night, I sneak around like a thief and take the flyer to the community to sweep the buildingu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

After a struggle, thankfully, although the company didnt make any money, it was able to survive.

I thought the dawn was coming.

But I was wrong again.

The night is just beginning.

One day in November 2017, my partner told me that our meituan store was closed due to malicious reports from peers.

Without online, the company cant even pay the rent.

Its OK to restore the online service. Thats money.

But at that time, I really had no money. If I had to put all my money in one basket, I would have to take the bank loanu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

A few nights later, my partner and I drank a 52 degree Erguotou on the roadside.

Under the influence of alcohol, I feel tears coming down.

But I didnt expect that the partner suddenly wow, like a lovelorn girl, was the first to cry.

He cried while drinking and scolded: which son of a bitch is pitching us! Im tired and tired. I dont see a doctor when Im sick. I come to work when I have a fever of 40 degrees

I didnt cry together.

I patted him on the shoulder, relieved and said, Ill think about my salary again, and Ill be able to carry it.

Im sorry we didnt carry it.

The next day, at six oclock in the morning, I received my partners wechat: have you transferred the store?

I said, OK.

Time flies. Two years have passed.

I didnt bother.

After changing to new media, Anan has been living a similar life with a similar salary.

For a while, I got the news that the man who broke down and cried in the street once again chose to start a business.

He asked me if I wanted to think about continuing together.

I said, no, I want to live a few more years.

This is the truth, no exaggeration.

On January 23, 2018, Mao Kankan, the post-80s pioneer, updated his circle of friends: well, I love you and respect the end of the story..

Then, turn on the gas and go.

A week later, Zhou Jiancan, director of Jindun, also left the world.

The reason is that the companys capital chain is broken and it is unable to bear huge debts.

In August of the same year, Gan Lai, a former Tencent employee, also fell and died.

Ganlais friend said that he started his business three times and said at the beginning of this year that if he succeeded, he would send me shares... Unexpectedly, he left suddenly.

Ganlais last circle of friends is: Thank you, I will be safe in heaven.

Down, down.

Those who didnt fall were either as stubborn as my former partner, or as Luo Yonghao, who stood in the vast night, had no way back, and could not see the dawn before.

I admit, I cant bear this, so I no longer choose to start a business.

If you dont start a business, you can only be an employee.

I used to be resentful when I was an employee. If I was unhappy, I would privately scold the boss for being a fool 100 times with several colleagues.

But not now.

Because of experience, I can really understand the difficulties of the boss.

In a nutshell, they are under much more pressure than our employees.

In depth, every entrepreneur is actually a person who benefits the society.

They are the main taxpayers.

They create jobs for society.

If you cant understand all this, please understand that every economic winter, only the people who are not afraid of the cold are always walking in the wind.

But arent they afraid of being killed by the wind and frost?

Im afraid. Im afraid of Luo. Im afraid of Mao Kan before I commit suicide.

But I cant help it. Im afraid I have to go. I can only hide myself from crying if I want to cry.

Because the people behind him are waiting for him to open up.