Ive shielded the girl students who take wedding photos: an adults circle of friends is enough

 Ive shielded the girl students who take wedding photos: an adults circle of friends is enough

Big flower first raises her hand.

I asked her what happened?

My best friend is married and the bridesmaid is her best friend, she said

The editorial department sighed.

Afterwards, I asked, are you really willing to blackmail her?

Its like shielding our feelings for so many years, she said.

As soon as the voice came to an end, she added: she had a picture of her wedding dress, the wedding scene and the bridesmaid, but I didnt know anything Alas, I used to show off her to others...

Big flowers voice gradually sank.

Friendship, like love, is the thing you are most afraid of. You think you are the most intimate person, but in fact, you are only an outsider.

Never say nothing, never say nothing.

From great to silent.

Change the note to the full name, and change it to the normal chat background. The circle of friends no longer likes it, and occasionally think of it and click it again to see it. Its a sharp line.

I overestimated the relationship with you and underestimated the sharpness of time.

Thats what I learned when I grew up. The world of adults is always changing, and we are no exception.


Someone is quietly praising you

Someone is quitting your circle of friends

I saw a message on Weibo yesterday, and 100000 people praised it.

They are talking about something unhappy.

One of them said: come on, say something happy.

Another said: OK.

Then there was a long silence.

I think it should be a dialogue between two good friends.

If not, it will not be comfortable silence, but the embarrassment of fans.

When I first came to Beijing, I sent my wechat to Xiaojia. How good was she and I before? Outsiders will think of us as sisters.

Although I havent been in touch for a long time, I am very excited to see her add me wechat.

Once passed, immediately sent a sentence: so long have not contacted, want to die you!

The inner uncontrollable excitement is like returning to our school days. Simple and fiery.

I waited for her to reply with my mobile phone.

After about five minutes, she sent a link to a certain brand, and I was blinded.

Then cut me a knife came.

Ive doused half of my passion just like fire.

I kind of astringent reply: good With an expression

, it seems to be not so good.

I opened the link reluctantly, indicating that I couldnt bargain.

She seemed to pry, immediately sent a sentence: you want to download this software, so you can cut a lot.

I didnt refuse, because its her, my most important friend before, I operated a series of steps to complete the task of her adding my wechat.

I replied, OK!

Then, Im here looking forward to our next conversation, talking about the past, talking about the present.

After waiting for a long time, she only replied three words: thank you.

All of a sudden, I was speechless.

The word Xie suddenly made me understand what it meant to call Lu Xun master by leap earth.

Then later, she was directly thrown over a link, not a word.

Our chat interface has become a non emotional bargaining machine.

After that, I never replied to the link she sent. We also tacitly withdrew from each others circle and became the most familiar stranger.

Its still a little bitter to think about.

We havent escaped the control of time after all. We will go further and further and never meet again.

In Beijing, a big city, after a lot of changes in personnel, we can understand that the relationship between people has been very shallow, if we dont pay attention to it, we will leave quietly.

Before I went to bed that night, I saw Dahua hair a circle of friends: the original time can really dilute everything.

Yes, there used to be fans of the circle of friends who were maintaining this relationship. Now I see each others circle of friends again, stop for a moment, and row by.

Friendship seems to be still there, but its all past time.

Nowadays, there are few dynamic posts in the circle of friends. Occasionally, one post will be sent. Those who like it are new people and seldom see the shadow of old friends again.

Think of the day we talked, but now more and more words do not reach the point.

Different circles, different topics and strangers seem to happen sooner or later.

You have the people to know, I have the way to go, we all have our own life to feel, if we cant go together, we will take the rest of the sincere blessing.


Dont easily pass the friend verification

Dont resent a lost friendship

How does it feel to be the best friend to be a stranger?

Losing the desire to share is the beginning of the end.

I think so.

See a funny thing, imagine sharing it with her before, stop sending it, think about it or forget it, and then press the back button.

With unhappy things, I would rather comfort myself than talk to her again.

The moment of hesitation between the two shows that the relationship has already been concerned.

Xiaomi, a former colleague, once tweeted a story:

15 years of love has taken up nearly half of my life. Its a pity that such a precious love has been flawed just because of one quarrel. Its no longer you who share with you now. So far, I rarely pass the friend verification, because its very unlikely that I will become a friend, so I dont know him better than lying on the list. For those who lost friends, although sometimes will be upset, but now has been able to do as quiet as water. This is also a persons growth.

In this regard, people who have experienced it must understand their feelings. If two people end up with different ways of doing nothing, the best outcome is to get together and disperse.

Dont chase deliberately, dont cling to the past too much, and dont resent the good person who used to be.

After all, once treat a person sincerely, the other side is worth it, without complaint.

There is a plot in the TV play Langya bang, which I remember very deeply:

Mei Changsu ignores the friendship of friends and reveals the cruel truth on Xiao Jingruis birthday. However, Xiao Jingrui, who is sincere, always regards Mei Changsu as a brother and friend, but Mei Changsu has to use him.

When Xiao Jingrui returned to South Chu, Mei Changsu said goodbye to him at the pavilion on the side of the road and apologized to him.

At this time, Xiao Jingrui said something, which made countless audiences cry:

I used to be very sad because of you, but Im no longer a self righteous child. Every man has his choice. You take what you think is important and abandon me. Its just your choice. If I hate because I am not chosen, is there too much unforgivable in this world. After all, no one has the responsibility to take me as the first and the most important. No matter how much I hope, I cant force it.

Later, Mei Changsu said, Jingrui, since I met you, you have been sincere to me, but I do this to you.

Xiao Jingrui pauses for a moment, looks directly at Mei Changshu and says:

The reason why I do this to you is that I am willing to exchange the same sincerity. It is gratifying, and if not, I have nothing to regret.

Some people say that Mei Changsu has recovered justice for all but Jing Rui.

As the most innocent victim, Jing Rui not only has no resentment, but also tolerates everyone.

Childlike heart is probably so.

Just as there is a line in the play that says:

How many good friends are there in the world? They are of the same age and have the same interests. They could have been friends all their lives, but who would have expected a sudden change. From then on, they can only watch the end of the world.

In fact, our current interpersonal circle is the same, no one is wrong, all for life.

When you are lucky to be a friend, its good to be sincere.

When they have to be separated, they are all right.

In such a long time, most of the experiences are mixed. There is nothing to be proud of and nothing to be resented.

After all, the person you think is important has been with you for a long time.

There are three views on the interaction between people: the combination and the separation.

But the three outlooks are just one of the reasons. They grow up in different environments, and the Three Outlooks change accordingly.

Muxin once said: childhood friends, like childhood clothes, grow up, not unwilling to wear, is helpless.

Adult friendship is a stage in nature, and its only a normal life with gains and losses.

Although the circle is small, two or three friends, chatting, comfortable, has been the best state.


The best relationship between friends:

Think about each other, each beautiful

A really good relationship never needs to be intentional or demanding.

We are all growing up. We have to meet all kinds of people along the way, and there are so many positions around us. If we come in, we will leave.

However, those who are destined to go together will still be quietly guarded, no matter how the world changes.

The feelings between Gao Xiaosong and the old wolf are admired by most people.

Gao Xiaosong wrote you at the same table and the old wolf sang it. A campus folk song was popular all over the country.

Since then, they have established their positions in the music world.

After that, they chose different lives in their own fields.

Wolf pays more attention to family and plays from time to time.

In contrast, Gao Xiaosong is active in front of the public.

Being comfortable in the fame and wealth circle, I cant help but forget my first intention and get angry.

In 2011, Gao Xiaosong was detained for six months due to a rear end accident.

In the situation that many people cant avoid, only the old wolf often goes to see him, chat with him and talk with him.

After he was released from prison, the wolf knew Gao Xiaosongs nature and directly stuffed him with 100000 yuan as a birthday gift: I performed a lot last year, but you eat chaff and eat vegetables in it. Its hard. Youve been spending a lot of money. I dont have any money. I support you.

After that, the two said it with a smile.

In 2016, wolf appeared in I am a singer.

The program team once called him twice, but he refused. Later, it was known that Gao Xiaosong called him:

Go ahead. You have to let people know that Chinese music doesnt start from the draft. There are countless excellent works long before the draft. You come out and let everyone know. Otherwise, young people think Im talking about cross talk.

In the last part of helping singing, Gao Xiaosong went to perm his hair and sang brother sleeping in my upper bunk with the wolf on the stage. They rock together and remember their youth.

The old wolf said of Gao Xiaosong: he is loyal and funny. He can take me to do what I want to do but I dare not. He takes me to play the band and make records.

Gao Xiaosong said of the old wolf: if he didnt pull me, I dont know what I would be like to roll in the Vanity Fair A lot of people who work together are partners and good partners. Only the wolf is a friend and a brother.

True friends are like this. When they are in trouble, they think about each other. When they are in trouble, they sometimes contact each other. They are beautiful.

You work in your field, I work in my field. When we meet in the future, we have the same height of scenery in front of us, but we get double honor.


The old man of mountains and rivers said: everyone can only accompany you to walk a section of road, sooner or later is to separate.

In the face of not wishful thinking of the separation, how should we deal with the gradual departure of life?

The best answer is: for life, acceptance is the best gentleness, whether it is the acceptance of a persons appearance or the acceptance of a persons disappearance.

Its by chance that different paths lead to the same result, and its normal to run against each other.

However, I never regret meeting you. Its a fact that I used to have a good relationship with you. Todays army is divided into two parts. We dont need to mind. This is the most real way to grow up.

I used to show you off and then return you to the sea. Forgive me for not being part of you for the rest of your life, but have a good time for the rest of your life.