Ive investigated thousands of extramarital affairs, and Ill tell you the truth about marriage.

 Ive investigated thousands of extramarital affairs, and Ill tell you the truth about marriage.

The private detective said one of them.

Once, a female entrepreneur found him and commissioned an investigation of her husband.

This lady has a successful career, but she is very busy every day. Her husbands work is very leisurely, so her husband is responsible for the transportation of children every day.

After a period of investigation, private detectives found that the interviewee had an affair with a female parent who picked up her children every day, and even the rental house they often dated was found.

He was very excited to hand over the information to the employer. The female entrepreneur looked at it and said only one thing in silence for a long time: I know.

Private detective thought she would choose to divorce, but she smiled and said that some diseases would be better if she took some medicine, not necessarily surgery.

He said, let me share a truth with you:

Most of the cases of derailment marriage that I have accepted are finally retrieved, and those who can bring back the other half of the derailment are all those who have the strength, both in terms of economy and cognition. The essence of marriage is a game, and solving the problem of infidelity is the most intense game. At this time, your strength determines the balance tendency of the game.

I cant agree more.


I remember that I once brought a male intern who just graduated from university. His surname is Ouyang. Because its rare for us to have a second surname, I was very impressed with him.

This young man usually looks sunny and likes to talk and laugh. It is said that he is a rich second generation, but he is not arrogant and charming. He works very hard. He never complains about working overtime. Unlike some young people, he is a little tired and yells for the sky.

But for a few days, he always looked worried, and looked out of the window.

I was worried about what happened to him, so I called him to the office and asked: Ouyang, whats the matter with you? I cant see your smile for several days.

He even red eyes, said, my mother is sick, very heavy, her family has no money to cure, I dare not ask dad for money, in the heart is very sad. He began to cry.

Im confused. Which is right? What mother is very poor. He dare not ask his father for money. Im confused.

He told me about his family.

It turned out that Ouyangs father and mother had already divorced.

When Ouyang was a child, his father worked as a salesman in a private enterprise, because he was smart and capable, and was appreciated by his boss. The bosss only daughter also works in that enterprise. They get together as soon as they go back and forth. Women dont want to be confused. They want marriage.

Ouyangs father goes home and stands a card with his wife, asking her to offer her conditions, as long as she agrees to divorce.

At that time, Ouyang was seven years old. Every day when he saw his mother, he either broke down and cried, or stared at a place with stagnant eyes. He was very pitiful. After she got married, she became pregnant. Her husband said that she could take care of her children at home and support her family.

But I cant imagine that the man has changed his mind. Its useless for her to ask for anything. Theres no room at all. She just wants to climb the branch.

In the end, Ouyangs mother left, afraid that she could not give her son good living conditions, so she gave Ouyangs custody to his father. Later, she married a man with children and lived a small life.

Over the years, Ouyang and his mother have often contacted each other. His stepfathers business is always not smooth. They work hard from dawn to dusk, but pay little in return.

His mother gave birth to another daughter, plus his stepson before, the four members of the family are always in constant contradiction, living a difficult and messy life.

The father married the bosss daughter. The father-in-law left the factory to the two of them to take care of it. Only the important events could take part in it. Ouyangs father is also worthy of his trust. Over the years, he has seen the scale of the factory become larger and larger, and the business has been booming.

Two families are really different from each other.


Last month, Ouyangs mother found out that she had a very difficult disease to treat, which required a lot of money, but their familys patchwork could also be enough for a hospital stay.

Ouyang is in a hurry. He wants to help his mother, but he doesnt have much money. He wants to talk to his father, but hes afraid that his stepmother wont agree with him, so hes worried.

Later, Ouyang resigned. He said that he would accompany his mother to cure the disease. She had suffered enough. He hoped that she could be happy and make her regret less.

Since then, we have lost contact. I dont know how Ouyangs mother is now, but I always remember his parents divorce.

In recent years, I have seen a marriage that has been derailed too much. To be honest, there are not many men who abandon their wives and children for the sake of Xiaosan, nor do they still love their wives. None of the derailed men love their wives and do not divorce, but they weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

The results of extramarital affairs are mostly related to interests, not feelings.


The other day, I wrote an article about extramarital love. Someone left a message below:

Why are so many men cheating, but few men will give up their families to choose lovers? A wife is like a forest, which includes families, children, career, relatives, friends, contacts and so on. But a lover is different. He has nothing, but a tree. Who will give up a forest for a tree? Unless the forest is bad, or the tree is a thousand years old

Thats right.

In fact, this passage and that detective expressed the same meaning: marriage is a game, and cheating is the most intense game. At this time, the right to choose is in the hands of powerful people.

Like the news that Zhang Zetian went to Cambridge to study recently, I think this is her most correct choice.

As we all know, in the past year, many people are waiting to see Zhang Zetians jokes:

Let you take the shortcut, others struggle for the things they cant get in their whole lives, you have them at a young age, is this stupid?

Instead of being silly, she wisely chose to let herself grow up, not be trapped by the title of the landlady of Jingdong, and let herself constantly increase the weight to fight against these rotten things.


Of course, its not that youre good. Marriage is perfect. Instead, when youre strong, youre more likely to be in control of where your marriage is going, rather than being overwhelmed by fate.

Everyone needs to keep growing. Dont think that women can stop because they are married and have children. If you steal the lazy, life will show you the color. Whether you marry ordinary people or the top rich, the difficulty of marriage is the same.

One of my favorite writers said:

If you cant do anything, its cheap to be gentle. Its no matter men or women. Peoples needs for the other half come from emotion and vanity. The reason why you are deeply loved, in addition to emotional pay, must be worth looking up to.

Heart? But thats the truth of marriage.