Ive spent 200000 yuan and kept my mistress for two years. Who should I ask for compensation?

 Ive spent 200000 yuan and kept my mistress for two years. Who should I ask for compensation?

This happened in 2017, because it was so wonderful, it left me with unforgettable memories.

At that time, I wrote an article about how a man deceives a third party by promising to divorce to marry you, and secretly swearing to his wife for life.

The day after the article was sent out, I received a mans aggressive message:

Ganbei, just because of your article, the woman who has been with me for two years will break up now. How about this account?

When I was free that night, I chatted with him. My three views were broken!

It turned out that the man was not only married, but also had a child. His so-called woman refers to his mistress, a young girl.

The little girl had been with him for two years, during which the man promised repeatedly that he would divorce and marry her.

In fact, the man didnt even have the courage to confess to his wife. He also played the role of good husband and good father at home.

But the man started to cheat even himself and said to me: I dont confess now because the time is not right. When the time comes, I will confess naturally!

Whats the best time? I dont know. I dont dare to ask.

In a word, the man decided that he would marry Xiaosan. Divorce was only a matter of time. He spent nearly 200000 yuan on her and made painstaking sacrifice.

Before that, Xiaosan believed in it, just because he read my article and suddenly had doubts about it. He said he wanted to break up, which made the man quite collapse. After a long day of coaxing, he came to me for compensation!!!

Do you know how hard it took me to convince her that I would marry her?

I have been playing a good husband and a good father and risking being found with her in the past two years. Do you know how difficult it is?

I dont know!

I dont want to know!

I even want to laugh!

Sorry, I laughed!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Story 2: I will contribute an article to you. Since you have read it, you have to pay me 2000 yuan for it!

Id like to start with an advertisement here: you are welcome to contribute to me. If you want to create a good manuscript, you are not limited to the length of the subject matter. Once you are hired, you can get 800-2000 contributions. Please send the manuscript to [email protected]

Then talk about this interesting thing.

Maybe at the beginning of last year, I received an email. The article is very short. Its about several hundred words. Its like taking a diary, but I didnt understand what I wrote.

I was sure I couldnt get hired, so I closed the email.

The next day, the author sent me another email asking about my article employment. I replied very officially: manuscript is not suitable for this platform, not to use, sorry!

Then something interesting happened.

The author began to ask me for contributions:

Since you have read my article, of course you have to pay for it!

Whether I write well or not, its my work. You have to pay for my work!

You wait, Im going to expose you in the writers Forum. Lets see your true face and see who dares to contribute to you in the future!


Please enjoy my expression:


Story 3: whats your attempt to persuade me to divorce?

It also happened in 2017, when I was still very young, and I didnt know that persuading people to divorce would result in retribution.

At that time, I received a full screen of readers messages. A female reader complains about how unfortunate her marriage is. Its really unfortunate. She cant bear to look at it directly:

Her husband owes several hundred thousand for gambling and asks her to go back to her mothers house to borrow money. If she refuses, she starts beating her and breaks two ribs.

She was forced to share the room by her husband before she was born, which resulted in serious gynecological diseases.

When she found out that her father-in-law stole her money and subsidized her little aunt, she scolded her in front of the neighborhood, saying that her money was from an unknown source, suggesting that she stole the man

The complaint of the party concerned was very penetrating, which made my blood boil for a while, and I wrote hundreds of words to persuade her to get out of the misery as soon as possible and divorce for peace.

At that time, the client was very grateful to me and talked with me for more than half an hour. He said that if it wasnt for the small children, he would have been divorced long ago. Lala, he said that this time he would never be soft hearted again. He said that everything would be divorced...

You think its over?

No, the wonderful story happened the next afternoon. This female reader suddenly added my wechat and attacked me for half an hour:

Gumbei, you advise me to divorce. Have you ever thought about what to do with my children? You are also a mother. Why are you so cruel?

You are so fond of persuading people to divorce. I think your marriage must be very unfortunate. Id like to see if you can say goodbye when your husband beats you that day?



I apologize to a lot of readers here. They often say that they sent messages in the background and didnt receive my reply.

First of all, there are so many backstage messages. There are almost thousands of them every day. Let alone reply one by one. Its just hard to read them. If you dont reply, please forgive me.

Second, I really cant reply, especially on the topic of emotional counseling. In fact, I know the answer from your heart. Do you want to break up when your boyfriend is cheating? Do you want to divorce when your husband is abusing his family? I believe you know the answer better than me. If you insist on my reply: Yes, generally, all the questions that end with no exception should leave.

But I really dare not say that.

I cant help you take care of your children, I cant pay for your living expenses. I dont even know the context of things. Im not sure whether you will regret it. In case you regret it, what can I do?

I cant do anything.

So what I can usually do is not reply.

Think of me as a coward.

This is my public account for more than two years. I received thousands of consulting cases before concluding the conclusion.

A person who all over the world thinks its time to divorce. She doesnt want to divorce because she doesnt know her situation. She knows her situation too well.

No one knows better than her. She has no courage and determination to break up. Without such courage, she cant bear the consequences of divorce, and no one can take the consequences for her.

Other peoples right and wrong questions are her life and death.

In other words, before she had the courage to divorce, even if she did, she could hardly afford the consequences of divorce. So dont try to persuade her. Give her a little time and let her have courage.