Where should men go after a womans infidelity? Three cheated men tell you the truth with facts

 Where should men go after a womans infidelity? Three cheated men tell you the truth with facts

Im a man of emotional cleanliness. I cant face my wife who has cheated. Before marriage, I have told my wife that I cant accept her past before marriage, let alone her cheating after marriage. I cant accept my wife who has cheated, and I cant face this impure marriage.

I thought our marriage was happy, but it ended in failure. She was unfaithful, so I had to divorce. I cant rub sand into my eyes, neither can my wife, nor can I love anyone.

All in all, in the face of my wife, its better to divorce. Its good for each of us.

Mr. Li, who has been married for seven years, cant understand his wifes cheating.

I never thought that one day my wife would cheat. We have been married for seven years, but we still havent gone through the seven-year itch.

Maybe in my past life, I paid too much attention to work and ignored my wifes feelings, but I also did it for the whole family, for the sake of children and her better life. I cant understand her cheating, maybe as she doesnt understand why Ive been on business.

In my opinion, I always believe in such a mode of getting along with each other. Over the years, I have paid for this family. I really dont understand her way of doing this. Maybe, we are not suitable.

Mr. Du, because of love, so accept.

I never thought that my beloved woman would cheat. I admit that I love her more than I love myself, but she still cheated. In the face of the fact that she cheated, I couldnt accept it for a while, but at last I gave in, because I loved and loved deeply. I cant punish myself with her cheating.

I accepted her infidelity, still together, I dont know if I will regret my choice in the future. I believe that love can affect each other and let us continue our love.

Womens mood is tangled and complicated after their infidelity. There are worries, fears, remorse and panic. After a womans cheating, mens psychology is even more elusive. They want to forgive and cant accept it. They want to divorce but they miss their feelings.

In marriage, if we can forgive each other, its better. If we cant face the emotion of failure, then dont torture each other. Instead of struggling, its better to leave happily. In the face of his wifes infidelity, no matter which way men choose, we are all right. Their feelings are most clear to them.