A year, we are more calm! Please keep this report from Hongqiao Airport! 70 seconds into the Fair (14)

 A year, we are more calm! Please keep this report from Hongqiao Airport! 70 seconds into the Fair (14)

On November 2, Hongqiao Airport, the main airport for Chinese and foreign guests attending the second international fair, is ushering in the most important moment!

Both sides of airport main road

More than 150 flags flying in the wind

In the departure hall

Always remind the passing passengers

Multimedia electronic screen everywhere

Scroll and play the poster for entering the Expo

From time to time, there are special vehicles for entering the Expo

Passing by


A year ago, our camera once followed the national model worker, Wu Na, the director of travel inspection service of transportation management center of security and safeguard department of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Company, etc., recording a service report from Shanghai airport;

A year later, immersed in the blue ocean, everything is still busy and orderly. In the efficient and excellent Shanghai service window, we see more fine wisdom and more warm details.

Do you want to keep these service details

Details about efficiency

Before entering the Expo, 10 self verification channels for security inspection were added to T2 of Hongqiao Airport. At present, the two terminals have 28 self verification channels for security inspection, and three special channels for entering the Expo have been opened, including two T2 domestic departure channels, one T1 International Departure channel, one Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan departure channel. The process of fast customs clearance for foreign guests and security for domestic and foreign guests has been started. A consulting service point has been set up in the baggage claim Hall of inbound flights to ensure the efficient and smooth baggage claim and inquiry services.

Safety details

Hongqiao airport security checkpoint has added sanitary products such as wash free hand sanitizer and disposable gloves, which are convenient for passengers to disinfect after inspection; 126 signs and signs in the security inspection area have been renovated in an all-round way, about 1500 baskets used by passengers have been renovated as a whole, and enough disposable foot mats, slippers, baby seats and other passenger supplies have been provided, and services such as wuna channel, ingenuity channel and Jifang channel have been provided Under the guidance of the brand, we will go all out to welcome guests from home and abroad.

Details about intelligence

Hongqiao Airport has introduced intelligent seat armrest to continuously upgrade the intelligent airport. 144 information intelligent seat armrests have been installed on seats near gate 24 of T2. The handrail has three functions, including multi-functional charging, flight information query and passenger satisfaction questionnaire survey. It is equipped with a three in one charging line and USB charging port, embedded with a smart touch screen, so that passengers can independently query and master the flight dynamics, and feed back service opinions to the airport in time.

At the south side of terminal 2, the art gallery meet Shanghai u00b7 time-honored brands welcome Bo special exhibition brought 11 Local time-honored brands in Shanghai, creating a multi-faceted experience for passengers through a variety of interactive ways such as touch, smell and vision. From November 1 to 10, there are more than 20 young volunteers in the Expo Service Reception Center of the two terminals, providing foreign language translation, information guide, luggage, disability assistance, garbage classification and other services.

More refined and humanized

Hongqiao Airport has entered into a combat ready state

To achieve the level, the effect and the better