Only two vacations in 12 years mask: one week off my rocket exploded

 Only two vacations in 12 years mask: one week off my rocket exploded

According to musk himself, hes even afraid of vacations because vacations kill you..

According to foreign media reports, musk once had a very painful vacation experience. At that time, musk and his first wife Justin were on vacation in South Africa. As a result, musk was infected with severe malaria. After being misdiagnosed by two hospitals in a row, musk almost died. Later, at a critical moment, he was effectively treated and saved his life.

More often, maska hates holidays because of work.

In September 2000, mask and his wife Justin went to Sydney for their honeymoon. As a result, on the plane to Australia, mask, then CEO of, was boycotted by the companys executives. The executives delivered a letter of distrust to the companys board of directors to try to oust mask. No sooner had musk arrived at Sydney airport than he flew back to the US company.

In 2015, musk said in an interview with the media: in more than ten years, I only took two holidays, and as a result, the company also had problems.

My first week off, the orbitalsciences rocket exploded, my second week off, my rocket exploded again, he said. The lesson here is not to take a week off.

During Teslas toughest period in 2018, musk slept on the floor of the Tesla plant every day, trying to catch up with the production of model 3.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279