Protest broke out in New York: protesters smashed into the subway gate with insulting slogans

 Protest broke out in New York: protesters smashed into the subway gate with insulting slogans

Global network reported that beautiful scenery appeared in New York.

Protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn. Source: Daily Mail

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, at about 7 p.m. local time on November 1, according to the US business insider website. That night, protesters took to the streets with anti police placards, such as dont let these pigs touch us and the police who fuck us, smashed the bus, and hurled insults at the police in the New York police station. In addition, protesters also poured into the subway station, crashing into the gate and so on.

Protesters take to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, tuyuan: the New York Post

Protesters pour into Brooklyn subway station, tuyuan: inside business

Demonstrators poured into the subway station. Source: Daily Mail

The demonstrators turned over the gate of the subway station. Source: the New York Post?

According to US media reports, the cause of the protest in New York is believed to be related to the recent violent law enforcement by the police. Last week, New York police were photographed pointing guns at subway cars, according to online video, according to business insider. Later, at least 10 police officers poured into the car and subdued a black man to the ground. Police said the suspect was suspected of carrying weapons from the street to the subway station.

New York Police subdue a black man in a car. Tuyuan: business insider website

In addition, another video shows that a policeman was seen beating 15-year-old Benjamin Marshall in a dispute over a subway platform in Brooklyn last week. But Marshall and his parents said he was not involved in the fight and was beaten while looking for his backpack on the platform.

New York police are being photographed beating people, source: business insider website

As public opinion rose, protestors poured into the streets last Friday, holding up the slogan stop the terrorist acts of the New York police against black people and the slogan New York police, dont touch black children.

Protesters hold a sign saying stop the New York Police Departments terror against black people. source: Daily Mail, UK

But US media also quoted protesters as saying police violence is only the last straw to crush camels.

When the Daily Mail reported that nearly 1000 protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn to protest against the New York Police Department, it said that the outbreak of the protest was not only aimed at a series of violent arrests, but also said that the protesters were dissatisfied with the recent decision of New York governor Andre Cuomo to increase 500 police forces in the New York City Police Department to patrol the traffic system and eradicate ticket evasion.

Screenshot of Daily Mail Report

On the night of November 1, protesters held placards with the words poverty is not a crime, no new police, our subway needs more money to repair the elevator, not the police, protesting the decision of the New York state government. According to the daily mail, the protesters slogans reflect the dual nature of the March.

Poverty is not a crime

No new police needed

Our subway needs more money to repair the elevator, not more police

According to the New York Post, the protests began around 19 p.m. and lasted until around 21 p.m. that night.

In response to the protest that night, the New York police said in a statement to business insider that the Department does not interfere in constitutionally protected activities and works to ensure public safety when New York citizens exercise their rights under the first amendment.

Source: global network editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556