Adoptive father of the victim of rape and murder of a young girl 25 years ago in Shaanxi Province: I want to see my daughter again

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#The case of rape and murder of a young girl 25 years ago was reviewed in Shaanxi high court. The adoptive father of the victim: the daughter is still alive. I met her (source: pear video)

On November 2, the upstream news published the article after the criminals who raped and killed the young girls 25 years ago were released from prison, they cried injustice? The adopted father of the murdered girl said: the daughter is still alive. Lu Cunyou, the adoptive father of the murdered girl, claimed that his daughter was still alive and that he and several villagers had met her many years after the crime. But a survey by upstream journalists found that Lu Cunyous statement was in doubt - many villagers provided by Lu Cunyou said they didnt know or met Lu Li.

Lu Cunyou (first from the right) tells the lawyer about his daughters disappearance. Picture provided by interviewee

On November 3, Lu Cunyou insisted on his own statement when he was interviewed by upstream journalists, claiming that he had met his adopted daughter after the crime, but he did not know why. The adopted daughter had been hiding from him.

Lu Cunyous family was not rich at that time, so they didnt leave a picture of their adopted daughter. But Lu said he played mahjong in his neighbors house the night before his daughter disappeared. When her daughter disappeared, she was in the fourth grade of primary school. She knew her family very well. He didnt know the reason why she didnt go home.

Lu said he just wanted his daughter to go home and see her again. My daughter has a black birthmark the size of a walnut on her buttock, which is unknown to the average person.

Upstream journalists consulted the head of the public welfare organization baby home in Shaanxi. In her opinion, it is very difficult to check children only by birthmarks, because there are many children with similar birthmarks. Lu Cunyou is the adoptive father of the girl, not the natural parent. Usually, even if a girl comes back, she has to find her own parents. Only through DNA comparison can we confirm the identity of the girl. If there is no DNA comparison, only from the appearance, birthmark identification, it is easy to bring secondary damage to both parents and children.

It is understood that Lu Cunyous adoption procedures for his daughter were not compliant, so it was very difficult to find them. Lu Cunyou said that he wanted to see his adopted daughter again. I dont want to know anything else. I want to know how she is now.

In addition, Lu Tianhui, a criminal who raped and killed a young girl in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, 25 years ago, also hopes that the girl will come back. He said that if it is true, it can also clear their grievances.

Source: responsible editor of upstream news: Du Shufei nb12556