Annie Yi confessed that he wanted to recruit Qin Hao for his husbands acting skills.

 Annie Yi confessed that he wanted to recruit Qin Hao for his husbands acting skills.

At the end, Yi also joked about his recent black into a black swan, and at any time by fire into goose. Yi was also paired with a picture of Qin Hao interacting with the little actors in the show I am an actor.

It is reported that in the latest issue of I am an actor, Qin Hao and Tong Daweis partner such as father and son have won the first place. Netizens have left a message under the long article saying: sister Ming is very busy! Mr. Qin is really great!

The full text is as follows:

#Qin Haos acting skills and Yi Nengjings blackmail to Qin Hao#

I do often blackmail Qin Hao, but Im not easy. Bend your elbow in, even if its broken.

Every time, no matter what play he gets, he will share it with me. Actors all over the world think about three things: the appropriateness of the script, the director and the opponent. Jiang Sida said its really great. The pursuit of actors to get out of the comfort circle is not the most important thing for actors. If you want to prove that you can get out of the comfort circle, but make the audience uncomfortable, it becomes your hi performance. (many types of Hollywood actors, many hero movie actors only play one hero in their lives, which can also be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.)

The next morning after the performance, he called me, didnt mention the number, but was very excited to say that I just got up in the morning and performed my father and son again, the script is really great! (with excitement.)

I also recognize the blackout. In his eyes, he just likes and dislikes the brain created by the show. It cant be true, it cant be true. His Taurus aesthetic is pure and real. Although some people call him a man of literature and art, he is not a man of literature and art. If you like it, you will be happy. If you dont like it, you will hold it. The performance should be green leaves and never make mistakes, so when his female number one is really cool, he will give the actress all the space to achieve the others role.

Its a pity that I cant be his opponent any more. He and I really broke the play for the first time

The team let him win today to write a micro blog to analyze the role, and he said it wasnt him. He often said that he was a piece of cake of Stephen Chow in the king of comedy. First or last, he still wanted to play every role he played. He fell in love with the script at the moment when he got it. He had time to prepare fully. The director was willing to give him the space for his second creation and the craftsmans spirit.

In the same sentence, the loafer who is on the shore should not be too happy or lost to start a business, whether he makes money or not. He is already on the shore, and it is true to live down to earth. So today, this guy took his daughter to play for a day, didnt write a microblog, and there was no mood change like last time.

Anyway, I am black as a black swan and I am ready to be burned to goose. I will write it. I will write it. Maybe he has the final say, but I am a powder head. I still want to blow the rainbow. He is an actor who uses his eyes instead of his facial features. This is why I have never changed his mind in my life.

OK, dont black me. Ive turned off the light.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655