Wang Sicongs ex girlfriend, Sydney, is suspected of selling goods

 Wang Sicongs ex girlfriend, Sydney, is suspected of selling goods

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Wang Sicongs ex girlfriend Sydneys live rollover (source: Netease fashion)

Sydney also quickly responded, saying that everyone should not be maliciously rhythmic. People who have seen their live broadcast know how difficult it is for us to rob.

Among them, OMG is the mantra of lipstick brother Li Jiaqi, who became the most popular online Red anchor by virtue of her strong carrying capacity and emptied countless girls wallets. He sold 15000 Lipsticks in 15 minutes at the peak of the live broadcast, and tried 380 lipsticks at most.

Brand response: no problem with product quality, Li Jiaqi cant cook. There is no problem with the quality of our products. All of them have been tested to meet the national standards. In addition, Li Jiaqi is not very good at cooking. The eggs are taken out of the refrigerator. There is a problem in the operation. Li Jiaqi studio also said that the quality of the products they recommended was no problem, and it was not convenient to reply to the situation of on-site sticking the pot. At present, the live video introduction and product links of this non stick pot have failed.

To promote a high-end skin care product for men in the live room, Li Jiaqi said, come on, all girls, buy it to your boyfriend, a set of no 998, only 499, which is really cost-effective. You can buy it for your husband or boyfriend. Fan barrage comment: he doesnt deserve it! Next!

In addition to Li Jiaqi, there is also a live show of Taobaos Queen Weiya.

Maximum sales in a single market (2 hours): 267 million

Maximum sales volume of single product: 650000

Maximum sales of single product: 27 million

Total goods sold in 2018: 2.7 billion

After Li Jiaqis live broadcast selling the non stick pot and overturning the car, Wang hongweiya is also broadcasting the overturning.

In response, Weiya posted an apology on Weibo, saying the event was rhythmic by the marketing number. She said that she read out the needs of fans in the live broadcast, and suggested that the staff should find a way to give back to fans. In this process, some users who have just entered the live broadcast room do not know the situation, and ask if the brand has changed its spokesperson. So I read the fans comments in the live broadcast. But afterwards, I found that my above behaviors were taken out of context by the marketing number, which was crazy with rhythm. Weiya said she would like to make a solemn apology to the innocent Dun Lun who was involved and also to the Dun Lun fans.

On November 1, the State Administration of radio and television issued the notice of the general office of the State Administration of radio and television on strengthening the management of online audio-visual e-commerce live programs and advertising programs during the double 11 period, requiring that the service content of online audio-visual e-commerce live programs and advertising programs should be standardized during the double 11 period, and the programs should not contain vulgar, vulgar and kitsch plots or scenes It is strictly forbidden for those who are scandalous and evil to speak out. The language of online audio-visual e-commerce live programs and advertising programs shall be civilized and standardized, and shall not exaggerate, cheat or mislead consumers.

The cats claw cup, the double yellow ice cream, the exotic enzyme, the magic blue fat weight-loss drug, the miraculous drug Eve painkiller can be found on the online red grass planting social platform, whether its cheap and easy to get daily snacks, good living things, expensive professional cosmetics, health care products, or various international luxury brands u201dNote, it seems that as long as there is the word online Red, the sales volume of this product will soar, and it will be snapped up by netizens. I hope that in the era of online red, you will not go with the flow when choosing products, but only buy products that are suitable for you.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi nq4682