Beijing market supervision bureau: online promotion of double 11 should not be increased first and then decreased

 Beijing market supervision bureau: online promotion of double 11 should not be increased first and then decreased

New Beijing News (reporter Chen Lin) double 11 is coming soon. On November 1, Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said at the Forum on administrative guidance of double 11 online promotion jointly held by five departments that e-commerce platform enterprises should timely discover and stop such illegal behaviors as fictitious original price, rising first and then falling, and failing to fulfill price commitment during centralized promotion activities, and earnestly fulfill the clear code Bid price obligation.

Internet advertising: ban on prescription drugs and tobacco

On the same day, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with the municipal Party committee network information office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Communications Administration and the Municipal Postal Administration, gave administrative guidance to 10 key e-commerce platform enterprises, including,, and, and urged the enterprises to carry out the double 11 network centralized promotion activities in a standardized manner.

Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau mainly provides guidance for e-commerce platform enterprises from seven aspects: platform governance, advertising, consumer protection and rights protection, price management, product quality, catering management and health food. In terms of e-commerce platform governance, platform enterprises are required to fully implement the main responsibility, strengthen the management before, during and after the event, strengthen the qualification approval during the centralized promotion, establish the registration files, record and save the relevant transaction information, strengthen the network transaction detection and monitoring, timely discover the illegal behaviors, timely handle the illegal behaviors in accordance with the laws and regulations, standardize the information disclosure, and promote Network market information symmetry.

In terms of online advertising, platform enterprises are required to strengthen the management of Internet advertising, fully perform the inspection and verification obligation of promotional advertising, prohibit the release of advertisements with inconsistent content or incomplete supporting materials, prohibit the release of prescription drugs and tobacco advertisements, and significantly distinguish paid search advertisements from natural search results.

Consumer protection and rights protection: the platform undertakes the first inquiry responsibility and implements the compensation payment in advance

In terms of consumer protection and rights protection, platform enterprises are required to earnestly implement the target task of take action as soon as complaints are received, strengthen the protection of consumers rights and interests, actively assume the first question responsibility, strictly implement the system of compensation payment in advance, formulate emergency plans, properly respond to emergencies, unblock the channels of demand reflection, strengthen the construction of after-sales service team, diversify channels to facilitate consumers consultation and complaints, and strive to achieve consumer correction Solve the problem once and for all to avoid the customer complaints from upgrading again.

It is understood that the core point of the first inquiry system for business operators is that business operators in the consumption sector should fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for consumer rights protection according to law, and accept and handle consumer complaints in a timely manner according to the principle of who sells goods is responsible, who provides services is responsible. After the seller and the service provider perform the relevant responsibilities, if they belong to the responsibilities of other operators, they can recover from them.

The system of compensation in advance refers to that when the rights and interests of consumers are damaged and the seller delays or refuses to make compensation, the operator of the online trading platform will make compensation in advance. At present, Taobao, Suning e-commerce platforms and other e-commerce platforms have introduced corresponding compensation measures in advance.

Centralized promotion should not make up the fact that the original price rises first and then falls

In terms of price supervision, Beijing municipal market supervision and administration requires platform enterprises to timely discover and stop such illegal acts as fictitious original price, rising first and then falling, and failing to fulfill price commitment during centralized promotion activities, and earnestly fulfill the obligation of clearly marked price.

In terms of product quality supervision, platform enterprises are required to further strengthen the management of operators in the platform, improve and improve the product quality control system and measures, actively carry out product quality inspection, not sell products prohibited by laws and regulations, establish a problem product disposal system, and timely and effectively dispose and control the product quality risk information reported by relevant departments and public opinions Making risks.

Health care products are sold in special area, and mixed operation is not allowed to declare franchised stores

In terms of online food and beverage supervision, platform enterprises are required to strengthen the online access review of food and beverage enterprises, highlight the operation of certificates, eliminate the operation without certificates or using expired certificates, and ensure the safety and health of promotional food.

In the aspect of health food supervision, platform enterprises are required to strictly review the qualification of operators and products of health food entering the network, strengthen the information prompts such as health food does not have the function of disease prevention and treatment, this product cant replace drugs, and implement the special sales of health food. It is strictly prohibited to declare health food exclusive stores and special stores for stores that both operate ordinary food and health food Shop .

Strengthen security monitoring and early warning, strictly prevent all kinds of telecommunication network fraud

At the guidance forum, other departments put forward specific management requirements based on their responsibilities and common problems during the network centralized promotion. The network information office of the municipal Party committee requires enterprises to strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the network security law, operate in accordance with the law, and ensure the network information security and network operation security.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau reminded enterprises to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of network security, properly handle network security incidents, strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, resolutely prohibit the release of information involving guns, explosions, terrorism and privacy, and strictly prevent all kinds of telecommunication network fraud.

The Municipal Communications Administration requires enterprises to strengthen the protection of personal information of users, strengthen the prevention of non real name telephone cards, false business licenses and other risk points, and require enterprises to actively cooperate in the risk assessment of new technology and new business.

The Municipal Post administration puts forward requirements for enterprises from five aspects: timely release of consumption reminders, improvement of safety supervision system measures, good data sharing, improvement of express collection efficiency, development of intensive end-to-end services and promotion of green packaging.

Chen Lin, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279