He comes from a sea of people just to give you a good time. I hope you dont mind

 He comes from a sea of people just to give you a good time. I hope you dont mind

Most of us with normal psychology hope that a relationship has a beginning and an end, and its better to get along well with each other forever.

If you dont want to be like this at the beginning, it means that you have chosen the wrong person, or just make do with it. Its just a game.

However, things are changeable, so is love. The same goes for the people we met, who initially had a great impression on each other.

Two people love and fall in love with each other at first sight. They would like to meet each other 24 hours a day. They are happy to be together without doing anything or doing anything.

At that time, I thought that the other side was my real son, my good wife and mother, my lifelong partner, and my best mate. Love words say moving, look at each others heart beat faster than.

At that time, I wont doubt how much each other loves me, because at that time, I was enthusiastic and joyful. I just felt surrounded by each others love, as long as I fell and enjoyed the excitement and beauty regardless of the land.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong the love is, there is always a person who stops first. Let you cry, let you cry, let you cry, let you cry to the dust, and you cant keep him, cant keep this feeling.

You think the forever, you look forward to hand in hand concentric, a moment into a bubble, collapse, broken, annihilation

Only one night, my heart is different.

He came from a sea of people, so he just wanted to give me a good time.

You come with the wind and rain, I have nowhere to avoid.

You are out of order all the year round. I have been ill for a long time.


This passage is most suitable to describe the love that comes and goes quickly. Its sad that the one with longer and heavier feelings, the one left behind.

Love is still deep, in the thick, dont want each other but to take back love and company, take back everything. That kind of attack, sometimes even devastating.

Wang Feis lyrics also sang: let me thank you, give me empty joy... I thought it would be a wonderful and long-term love, but it seems that it is not long before it begins, it is about to end.

I think its a person who wants to love himself to the old, and I think its a person who will protect himself for life, because Ive heard his oath and promise, heard his affectionate confession, seen his affectionate and sincere eyes, and felt his warm and powerful arms.

I am also glad that I have good luck. I am glad that I will finally come to the end of my life. I am glad that I have a rare sense of love and security.

However, it was soon found that all this was false, ephemeral, a storm, unable to escape, willing to fall, but it was soon beaten back to its original shape, conscious that it was as cruel as a dream.

So when that person left, the people who were left were like sick, unable to eat and sleep, decadent into disease, sad, and even dare not touch love again, and began to doubt life.

Its really an unfortunate thing to meet such a person who loves such a person, but I cant care too much. I cant fall down for it. I can be decadent for a while, but I still have to switch my angle, switch my mind and let myself come out.

The one who has left may still be at ease, upright and even have some excuses that you cant refute.

For example, he is not suitable for you, he can not give happiness, so he left you, in fact, it is a kind of completion, is a kind of release or relief, so I also wish you happiness.

Dont want you, but also wish you happiness, like thieves stole all your money, but also a message to tell you: congratulations to get rich.

I think Im still warm and intimate, but Im speechless. So in such a time, we should slowly recover the enthusiasm and sincerity that we paid with all our heart.

Slowly and soberly confirm: in fact, he was just on the spot at the beginning, or put in for a while, or three minutes of enthusiasm, or such a person is not worth trusting, not worth falling into.

Since its a mistake, its up to you to accept it and take it as a warning. You cant give your whole heart easily and quickly any more.

Love is hurtful. You can love bravely, but you also need to train yourself to accept the changeable ability. You cant let yourself experience a disease free relationship, and then you really cant get sick.

If you can be more frustrated and brave in love, it will be a kind of growth. If overnight, the mood is different, it also means that they have changed, matured, determined, or can bear more impermanence.

Can think of this, and do it, then even a rush of feelings, may also have a good moment and meaningful.

Just enjoy the process that I once loved, no matter the length and the authenticity, its also good to have it. As for the later attacks, I only think too far and have too many expectations.

Remind yourself that you can focus on the present. Then we wont be too hopeful to accept the sudden disappointment.