Beijing media: Zhang Yuning leads the top 10 games of the National Olympic Games in quality warm-up

 Beijing media: Zhang Yuning leads the top 10 games of the National Olympic Games in quality warm-up

The strongest array in attack line

After a half-month training in Shanghai, the team left Shanghai early Tuesday for Bangkok. This is because the team is going to play two warm-up games in the local area. Because some players participate in all kinds of competitions with the club, during the training in Shanghai, the teams lineup changes continuously. However, Hao Wei, the executive coach, is very pleased that after Zhang Yuning, Chen Binbin and other international attackers returned to the team one after another, Yang Liyu, another big forward, also joined the team in the near future. At least in terms of attack line, the National Olympic team basically has the strongest array. The only regret is that Lin Liangming, an overseas player, failed to arrive at the team in this training session and was not able to travel with the team in Thailand.

A total of 24 players joined the National Olympic team to warm up in Thailand. In addition to the above players, Hu Jinghang, Zhang Lingfeng, Huang Zichang, Wei Zhen, Feng Boxuan, Jiang Shenglong, Dili mulati, etc. are all the elite players of the right age who are active in the Chinese Super League. It is worth noting that Duan Liuyu and Jiang Shenglong, who played in Luneng of Shandong Province and Shenhua of Shanghai respectively, will be postponed to join the team in Thailand on November 1 due to their participation in the first leg of the FA Cup final. However, from the current main position in their respective clubs, the two actually do not need too much investigation by Hao Weis coaching team.

At least 10 warm-up games in two months

According to the plan, the National Olympic team will gather all the main players in the preparation stage in December. However, considering that it takes a certain period to run in the lineup and be familiar with the playing methods, the coaching team decides to recruit as many main players as possible in advance. If it wasnt for the lack of high-quality players in the central defensive position, Zhu chenjie, who was transferred to the national football team by the old manager, would have been in the list of the International Olympic team this time. In addition, as the final stage of the Olympic preliminaries will be held in Thailand, in addition to the content of the technical and tactical exercises, the teams familiarity with the competition environment and climate conditions is also one of the purposes of the trip to Thailand.

For the National Olympic team and the coaching team led by Hao Wei, in addition to the staffing, high-quality warm-up games are particularly important in the final stage of preparation for the Olympic preliminaries. It is understood that in addition to the two warm-up games of this trip to Thailand, the National Olympic team will have at least 10 high-quality warm-up games in the next two months. For example, after returning from Thailand, the team immediately transferred to Chongqing Dazu for the International Invitational match with Australia, North Korea and Lithuania. Then the team will go to Zhuhai, Guangdong Province after the end of the Chinese Super League season in December. According to the preliminary plan, the team will have three warm-up matches on December 8, 11 and 14. Finally, the whole team went to Haikou for the last training session before the final stage of the preliminary Olympic Games. In order to help the players to maintain a good competitive condition, the Chinese Football Association will arrange at least two warm-up matches for the team, the opponent is likely to be the top two teams in the Chinese Super Reserve League.

About 10 players stay in Shanghai for preparation

Before that, the Chinese Football Association once considered arranging the National Olympic team to participate in the East Asia Cup invitational tournament, and after communicating with the coach team of the National Olympic team, it gave up such plans. This is because the coaching team, in view of the nature of the Olympic Games and the characteristics of the opponents, would like the team to have a warm-up match that meets its own preparation needs, and avoid accidental injuries in the formal competition, which will lead to the reduction of staff.

At the same time, about 10 players remained in Shanghai for two days, including Cao Yongjing, who was also a representative on the first day, and Cao Yongjing, who participated in the make-up match of China Super League. These players are not absolute substitutes. Once the coaching team determines that it is necessary to add new players according to the preparation and warm-up situation, then these players can also top at any time. It is understood that players who stay in Shanghai for preparation will also go to Chongqing for training about two days ahead of most players. Its not hard to see that Hao Weis coaching team has taken precautions in terms of personnel reserve.