Intel: 5g will not only charge according to the rate in the future

 Intel: 5g will not only charge according to the rate in the future

Many on-site speakers mentioned that in the 5g era, the private network will usher in new opportunities. In an interview with reporters including the 21st century economic report, Lin Yiyan told reporters that from the domestic point of view, the industry association is the earliest industry of 5g special network application, such as the field of minerals and ports; the foreign industry is the retail and sports industry.

Robert Topol, general manager of 5g advanced technology of Intel standards and next generation technology department, mentioned in the interview that 4G network is a relatively transactional way at present, and 5g network will be a customized and personalized way.

In the future, we may buy some services or products. Unlike today, we need to buy traffic packets from operators. In the future, these traffic fees or connections may be included in this product or service and sold to b-end or C-end. There may be such a trend. Robert Topol said.

At present, operators, especially operators in China, define 5g standard by network speed. In response to this phenomenon, Lin Yiyan said that it is natural for the three operators to do so at present, and they still charge according to the rate, but this is not the only way in the future.

In addition, Robert Topol also said that the definition of 5g standard would be a relatively long process, and the standard would continue to follow up.

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Liu Songpeng nbj9949