5g package online: is the traffic enough? Is cell phone easy to buy? Is it covered enough?

 5g package online: is the traffic enough? Is cell phone easy to buy? Is it covered enough?

It is introduced that 5g has three characteristics: large bandwidth, low delay and wide connection. Experience 5g service, the most intuitive feeling of users is fast. So with the increase of network speed, will the speed of traffic consumption also increase?

Wang Sen, solution manager of Beijing Unicoms government enterprise business support center: (traffic) the consumption speed will be faster, because its speed will be significantly improved. When you dont respond, the song is finished, and the speed of your buttons may be slower than the network speed. The public will unconsciously use up the traffic.

With the introduction of 5g package, people do not need to change their cards or numbers, just need to change a 5g mobile phone to experience 5g service. At present, which brands have launched 5g mobile phones, and whats its development trend in the future?

Dai Wu, manager of Product Management Office of marketing department of China Telecom Guangdong company: Huawei, ZTE, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi. These domestic brands and foreign brands, including Samsung, all have 5g mobile phones. More and more manufacturers will be supported.

Wang Sen, solution manager of Beijing Unicom government enterprise business support center: I believe 5g mobile phones will be a trend, because more applications will be developed on 5g network platform in the future. Without these 5g mobile phones, some traffic and network support, these applications will not achieve the corresponding effect.

The first 5g commercial cities announced at present include Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc. For people in other cities, when 5g can come to them is their focus.

Yang Bohan, project manager of wireless and terminal Technology Research Institute of China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.: up to now, China Mobile has completed the acceptance of 40000 5g base stations, covering about 300 cities in China. By the end of this year, about 60000 base stations should have been built. In the future, 5g base station will be a step-by-step construction process. Maybe some big cities (construction) will be a little faster, but other cities will keep up.

In addition, as the technology matures and the coverage expands, will 5g have an impact on the broadband that people are familiar with? To this end, the industry responded that 5g network belongs to the mobile end network and will not replace the optical broadband, but will promote the broadband service to become more perfect. The significance of 5g business is integration rather than substitution. In the future, it will empower more industries and change peoples lives in all aspects.

Source: responsible editor of China new Internet: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279