The attack on Malian military barracks killed 53 soldiers and a civilian. Is claimed responsibility

 The attack on Malian military barracks killed 53 soldiers and a civilian. Is claimed responsibility

According to Xinhua news agency, a Malian government spokesman sangare confirmed in the early morning of the 2nd that a Malian military camp in the menaca area of northeastern Mali was attacked on the 1st, killing 54 people.

On the 2nd, the extremist organization Islamic state (is) announced responsibility for the attack through propaganda agencies, but no evidence was provided. The Islamic state has claimed responsibility for attacks in several countries since Baghdad Di, the head of the group, died in a US raid on October 26.

The Malian government defined the incident as a terrorist attack. According to reports, a group of unidentified, fully armed attackers launched an attack at noon that day, before shelling the barracks. The attackers then fled to Niger.

Map: Malian soldier @ photoic

Subsequently, the reinforcements found 54 bodies at the scene, including 53 soldiers and a civilian. Ten survivors were also found at the scene, and the attack caused considerable damage.

Sangare told the associated press that the Malian army is transporting the wounded with the cooperation of the French army, and the security situation at the site of the incident has been under control.

This is the second serious terrorist attack in Mali in a month. On 30 September, two military bases in central Mali were attacked, killing 38 soldiers. ?

Frances Defense Ministry confirmed Tuesday that a French armored vehicle was hit by an IED in Mali that day, killing a soldier. French media said the attack took place in the menaca area.

The location of the attack, indaleman, menaca, in the north-eastern part of Mali

In March 2012, a military coup took place in Mali, and extremist armed forces began to infiltrate the northern and central parts of the country. In 2013, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to establish minusma. At present, there are 15000 peacekeepers on the ground.

France launched the operation crescent dunes in 2014, sending about 4000 soldiers to the Sahel region of Africa. President Marcon reiterated that he will continue to fight terrorism on the ground.

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