A review of the complete works of the whole people killed in Three Kingdoms

 A review of the complete works of the whole people killed in Three Kingdoms

Compared with the heroine in the first episode, the second episode witnessed the importance of team cooperation. The champion Chen Chen and sherry in the first episode were also targeted by all parties in this episode, and became the target of the fire. After Huang Yueying of Zhuge in the first Liang, our mubeige players killed the painting style and ate people without salt. The scene became clear for a while, and xiaocrisp took revenge on mubeige after his teammates were killed, In the middle of the game, Hua Tuo and Cai Wenji, 19 girls, became the focus of the game. They couldnt bear the judgment for several times, so they gave up the attack on qungxiong and made the illusion more unbridled. Finally, they harvested the whole game and won the second championship.

In the third program, we have new guests to join us, and our fans favorite teacher Huoshu joins us in the battlefield. As a celebrity, the delicate control of Huoshu makes the atmosphere of the whole scene more active than ever. The other two female guests Zichen and Lanxiang school flowers also show us that the charming roses are often thorny. Zichen once mastered the wind direction of the competition in the face-to-face game, and Lanxiang school flowers are more active Its to kill the four sides after the bright general. Our players in this period are even stronger, especially the no wind king. After the fall of our teammates, we rallied to settle the four sides at one stroke and lock the last promotion quota.

Although the Three Kingdoms killing meeting is over for a while, the passion of the Three Kingdoms killing will be passed forever. Now we can download the Three Kingdoms killing on the wegame platform. Meanwhile, the mobile terminal of the Three Kingdoms killing of wegame has been tested, and we will see you soon! Join the Three Kingdoms killing community of wegame and have a chance to face-to-face communication with our guests! Heart is inferior to action, the big family that three kingdoms kill welcomes you to join! The whole people killed in the Three Kingdoms, the record of the national war! We are in the Three Kingdoms kill game, see you!

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