All forcibly removed! Qinhuangdao has made a move here! There are many other communities to be demolished

 All forcibly removed! Qinhuangdao has made a move here! There are many other communities to be demolished

In addition to being envied, they also have their own troubles:

Residents are looking forward to moving back to their new houses as soon as possible

However, some individual residents are unreasonable to stick to

But it hinders peoples desire to go home

The harbor area is moving

12 nail households were forcibly removed!

Accommodation to a few

Its unfair to most people

In order to protect the practical interests of most of the expropriated people and realize the relocation as soon as possible, the port area started judicial collection and applied for a court ruling. On October 30, the port area implemented judicial compulsory demolition of 12 houses that affected the construction of resettlement houses.

Demolition site

In order to ensure the safe and orderly demolition work, a leading group for enforcement work has been set up in the port area, and arrangements have been made for security alert, emergency medical care, judicial justice and personnel security.

6 years waiting

The return of villagers ushers in the dawn

Donglizhuang village is the only agricultural village in Haigang town. In June 2013, Haigang district began to collect houses from donglizhuang village. At the beginning of 2018, the implementation of judicial collection procedures began.

At the site of demolition, the two committees of the villages involved in demolition in Haigang District visited the site for observation, and the demolition work was carried out orderly and smoothly. On the same day, all 12 houses were forcibly demolished according to law.

Housing demolition and reconstruction is in line with urban development

Good things to improve living conditions

I hope more and more residents will benefit from this


Lets get to know~

Chinese style

Harbor district government released this year

In particular:

At present, many projects have been completed, and some are being vigorously promoted.

Xiaolizhuang Village area reconstruction project has been listed as one of the shelter reconstruction projects in Haigang district. After the project was approved in March this year, it has become the work of surveying the homestead, collecting the property owner information, collecting and sorting out the household registration information, and preparing a compensation plan for simulated collection. According to the work requirements of the district government, xiaolizhuang village took the lead in launching the simulated collection work.

In the next step, we will distribute the full amount of compensation to the people after the model collection is converted into formal collection, so that the people can really benefit. Sun Jianchao, director of land acquisition Office of Lingang logistics park, said.

Tie Xin Li

Haigang District Housing collection management center issued tiexinli yingchunli reconstruction project - tiexinli district four housing collection compensation scheme consultation notice.

Scope of house collection

There are 19 residential buildings in the Fourth District of tiexinli, including 31 to 41 buildings, 43 to 50 buildings. 19 residential houses were expropriated, totaling 960 sets.

The scope of collection is as follows: East to tiexinli District 3, Qinhuangdao 19th middle school; West to Hongqi Road; South to Tiexin street; north to Qinhuangdao women and childrens hospital.

Compensation standard

Winter jasmine

The community has started the investigation and registration of house expropriation, and most residents will start the reconstruction work after they agree.

The survey covers all houses and ground attachments in yingchunli, including 41 residential buildings.

Resettlement house for villagers in Shandong Fort

Qinhuangdao Municipal Bureau of natural resources and planning state owned land allocation before approval

Plot location: West of Wensheng road and north of Jinwan Ring Road, Haigang District

Project Name: resettlement housing project for villagers in Shandong Fort

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