Is Huawei 5g introduced? Britains statement: decided by the new government after the general election

 Is Huawei 5g introduced? Britains statement: decided by the new government after the general election

Just after the rumor that the UK may allow Huawei to participate in 5g construction came out, the British government announced that the next government would decide whether to introduce Huawei 5g after the election on December 12.

Nicola Morgan, the UKs minister of digital culture, media and sports, said Tuesday in response to a question from the house of Commons that although the current government intends to reach a conclusion on Huaweis review this autumn, it cannot be achieved due to the timetable and pre election schedule of the general election, the Guardian reported.

As a result, the decision will be taken by the next government, she said. I expect that in the future the government will inform the parliament of the decision at the right time. Morgans position is often referred to as the Minister of culture, whose powers include the digital and telecom industries.

British Minister of digital culture, media and sports Morgan @ photoic

Britain will dissolve parliament on Tuesday (5) and hold a general election on December 12, during which Parliament will be unable to make decisions. Bloomberg said Thursday (31) citing people familiar with the situation, it is estimated that it will be difficult to make a decision on Huaweis 5g issue within this year, considering that a coalition government will be negotiated after the election.

On the 31st, a recent poll by the times showed that Boris Johnsons conservative party was 36% ahead of the Labor Party (24%) by nearly 12%.

Recent polls show that the conservative party is nearly 12 percentage points ahead of the labor party source: see bottom right

In April this year, the National Security Council of the UK decided to allow Huawei to participate in 5g non core equipment and infrastructure projects. But after Johnson came to power in July, the British government decided to postpone the decision to introduce Huawei 5g because of the uncertainty caused by US sanctions.

At that time, the science and Technology Committee of the house of Commons also wrote to the government that there was no reason for Huawei to be banned from 5g from a technical point of view, implying that it was a political decision.

On October 27, the Sunday Times quoted senior government officials as saying Johnson was ready to allow Huawei access to the non controversial part of the future 5g telecom network in the UK.

Some of the technologies developed by Huawei are not available in western countries, and the UK may be left behind if it does not do business with Huawei, the person said.

Thomas tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the house of Commons, who wrote to inquire about Huawei, said he was pleased to learn that the decision would be taken after discussion by the new government.

He believes that this matter has important foreign policy significance, because it involves the most important security cooperation framework with Britain, the five eye alliance, as well as economic relations with the United States, Canada and Australia. Previously, the UK was considered to be the first country in the five eye alliance to reject Huaweis ban.

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