Petition: what did Wei Ying do wrong? LAN Zhan is jealous, Jiang Cheng is jealous

 Petition: what did Wei Ying do wrong? LAN Zhan is jealous, Jiang Cheng is jealous

Wei Wuxian flirts with LAN Zhan when he has nothing to do, from the informal in class to the direct amusing in the library. Blue Zhan is like this, more and more inseparable from Wei Wuxian this good brother. I dont like it very much. Netizens always leave a message saying: LAN Zhan and Wei Wuxian have only brotherhood. You have your opinion, I have mine. I dont think LAN Zhan and Wei Wuxian are just brothers. Why do you have to persuade me?

In addition to the water, LAN Zhan and Wei Wuxian live in the same room. In the middle of the night, LAN Zhan was dragged down by Wei Wuxian. Being involved in the cold pool cave, LAN Zhan and Wei Wuxian agree to look for Yin iron. All of these, there are complex changes. The only thing we can be sure of is that Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian have established a deep friendship. From the back of the mountain fly out, just be warm and Jiangcheng see. Ah, shame.


After LAN Zhan and Wei Wuxian met LAN Qiren and Ze Wuhun, Xiaoxiao came out. It must be known that this is Wei Wuxians moment of the highest light in the dark clouds. However, Nie huaisang ran over and cared too much. Can see, blue Zhans small eyes secretly look at this side. He just cant stand it. Wei Wuxian and Nie huaisang are so close. Dont think about it. Nie huaisang cares about brother Wei. Its understandable.

Jiang Cheng wants to stop talking and turns to leave. Wei Wuxian chased after him and asked, Jiang Cheng, why are you walking so fast? Wei Wuxian, you are quite familiar with LAN Juji now. Well, isnt that red fruit envy? I think you should just switch to the blue gate and stay in the unknown place of Yunshen. Dont go back to the lotus dock. Wei Wuxian quickly distinguished: what do you think? I dont know where I can find the lotus dock.

Reason? Just these three thousand rules and regulations will cost me my life. After that, Wei Wuxian unconsciously hugged Jiangcheng. However, all these things cant escape blue Zhans small eyes. He was a little disappointed, and his eyes narrowed. Go back to songfengshuiyue. What did he do just now? That is, accompany Wei Wuxian to leave. In fact, Wei Wuxian has too many friends. Maybe, not without him.

But Wei Ying did nothing wrong. How? LAN Zhan is jealous, Jiang Cheng is jealous. What a mistake