Dissatisfied with Europes inaction Turkey: returning is prisoners to their countries of origin

 Dissatisfied with Europes inaction Turkey: returning is prisoners to their countries of origin

Turkey said it would send is prisoners back to their countries of origin. (source: Reuters)

Overseas network, Nov. 3? Turkey is dissatisfied with Europe in the fight against the extremist group Islamic state. Recently, Turkey again said that it would return the prisoners of Islamic state to their country of origin.

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On Saturday (2 local time), Turkish interior minister Suleyman Soylu complained about European countries inaction not only in fighting against the Islamic state, but also in dealing with the Islamic state alone, bypassing Turkey, Reuters reported. Its unacceptable for us and irresponsible, he told reporters in an interview. We will send the captured is prisoners back to their original country.

It is understood that a recent British report shows that when the Islamic state emerged, it had recruited many new members to prisons in Europe, and many prisoners were brainwashed in prison and turned to extremist organizations. Several EU officials have also warned that as many as thousands of citizens of European countries may have joined extremist groups, threatening European security.

In early October, Turkey launched a military operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. In response, European governments have come forward with warnings, the most worrying thing for them is that Turkeys move may revive the Islamic state and trigger a new refugee crisis.

Turkey, angry at Europes condemnation, threatened to abandon the previous agreement that Ankara would prevent Syrian immigrants from going to Greece and other neighboring European countries in exchange for financial aid to shelter nearly four million Syrian refugees living in Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also called out to European countries: Hey, EU, calm down. If you define our current action as occupation, what we have to do will be very simple. We will open the door and send 3.6 million refugees to you.

On October 27, U.S. President trump announced that Baghdad Di, the leader of the Islamic state, had died in the night raid launched by the U.S. military in Syria. At the press conference on the same day, he also thanked the Russian, Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish forces for their support for the operation.

Turkish presidential spokesman Karin later said that in the operation against Baghdad Di, the Turkish army and the U.S. Army have cooperated closely. We cannot accept the presence of terrorist organizations in Syria near the border or in any other area, he added

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