Real Madrids golden ball of the future wont shoot? One shot goalkeeper kicks in his arms

 Real Madrids golden ball of the future wont shoot? One shot goalkeeper kicks in his arms

Against Betis, the worst defensive player in La Liga, venezus came off the bench in the 65th minute. When it comes to stoppage time, vinesius played for 30 minutes and he made three shots. All of the three shots came at the end of the game. Unfortunately, none of the three shots turned into goals.

In the 89th minute, venezus wasted his first chance. Azars left-wing cross caused confusion and vinesius scored on the right side of the penalty area. Venezus can cross the middle for the first time. Jovic was in the state of no man watching. As a result, vinesius shot from a small angle, and Robles, the goalkeeper of the visiting team, easily blocked the ball with his legs. This shot of vinesius seems to be powerful, but in fact, there is no shooting angle.

A minute later, venezus wasted a second chance. This time it was Mendy who sent the left cross, and vinesius was able to unload the ball at the back. At this time, there is no guard interference around vinesius. As a result, the Brazilians left foot push angle is too positive when he is a single goalkeeper. Robles takes the ball into his arms.

The third shot of venezus was to hit the bird with a random shot. As a result, the ball refracted and flew to Betiss gate. Real Madrid players almost stabbed the goal in the scuffle.

From last seasons absolute main force, but now Rodrigo is out of the starting line-up, it is obvious that vinesius needs to improve as soon as possible. The vertical breakthrough ability of venezus is very good, but if we cant improve the shooting skills, the future ceiling of venezus is probably not as good as that of the single shot.

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Source: editor in charge of Netease Sports: Li Xiaotian, ns6473