The hornet goalkeeper is pressing the whistle and heading the ball! Its almost the same as Kepa flying out

 The hornet goalkeeper is pressing the whistle and heading the ball! Its almost the same as Kepa flying out

In todays game, Chelsea have completely suppressed their opponents. In terms of possession rate, Chelsea reached 67%, Hornets only 33%. In addition, Chelsea scored 16 times and shot 10 times. Watford have few chances. They have only three shots in the game. In the 73rd minute, if Jose Mourinho fouls in the penalty area, Watford makes a penalty and the score becomes 1-2. At the end of the stoppage period, Watford got a free kick from the front court, they pressed all the way up and goalkeeper Ben Foster rushed into Chelseas penalty area.

Watford made the set piece and the ball was touched at the front and continued into the penalty area. Ben Foster got a good position in the penalty area and managed to grab the landing point. A fish head ball flew to the lower left corner of the goal, which was a dead corner. Seeing that the ball was about to cross the line of the goal, the blue goalkeeper kaipa made a great save. His reaction speed was very fast. He made a side dive, flew out and blocked the ball out of the baseline The referee then whistled the end of the game.

If Ben Fosters goal is scored, Chelsea will be tied at the end of the match, with the goal of 3 points to 1. In that case, Chelseas high morale in the near future is bound to suffer a serious blow. After the game, Lampard thanked Kepa for his help: smart save, we got the points we deserved. I am happy and proud of his confidence.

Chelseas official tweet also revealed Kepas self portrait in time and wrote: our Kepa. That last-minute fight (a look of horror). Foster almost became a hero of Watford, but his header was thrown out by his peers. After the game, foster was helpless: this is the closest chance for me to score. I cant believe Kepa threw it out. Maybe thats why Chelsea spent so much money on him.

If the goal is scored, I will retire. Foster said half jokingly. Objectively speaking, Fosters performance today has been very good. If it wasnt for his high resistance, Chelsea would have spent the game. After the referees whistle, foster came forward and hugged Kepa. The two goalkeepers were very sorry.

Kepa joined Chelsea in the summer of 2018. His refusal to be replaced in public caused the anger of Chelsea fans last season, and the relationship between the two sides once fell to the freezing point. The fans also mocked him as guidance of Kepa. However, keppa then regained the respect of the fans with a critical save. In Spain, he also pushed de GEA to become the main goalkeeper of the bullfighter.

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