Hurry up! Soshuai says Manchester United have no creativity to buy the Bundesliga striker for help in winter

 Hurry up! Soshuai says Manchester United have no creativity to buy the Bundesliga striker for help in winter

Its the old problem of Manchester United to be weak on the road. At home in Bournemouth today, United continued to languish with only four shots (six against them) and the average score of the players was 6.51 (7.11 against them). Obviously, United have failed. Once in the front court, United are like headless flies, unable to create the opportunity to score. In the last game, they beat Chelsea 2-1, but both goals were set pieces (a penalty, a free kick).

To win, you have to score. I believe that machal and Rushford will score goals and machal is improving. But we need more creativity. There are already a lot of players in our team, they can create more. We cant always look at the players out there. We need to tap the abilities of the players we already have After the game, soshuai said. For 11 consecutive away games, United were unable to keep the ball, which equalled the teams history record in January 2003.

Although SOHO has not admitted regretting letting Luca go, it is an indisputable fact that Manchester United are now powerless. Mirror revealed that Manchester United intend to buy Leipzig Red Bull center Werner in the winter window, the latter is only 23 years old, very in line with the coachs policy of training young players. This summer, Werner signed a new contract with red bull for four years. He always wanted to play for Bayern. There is a u00a3 27 million buyout clause in this contract.

The mirror believes Werner has the potential to become a world-class striker, scoring 11 goals in 16 appearances for the Red Bull this season, with great efficiency. It is reported that Manchester United have sent a team to visit Werner and they have watched every game that Werner played this season. Last season, Werner scored 21 goals. In addition, he has made 28 appearances for the German national team. Mirror stressed that Liverpool also want to buy Werner, Manchester United need to continue PK with Liverpool outside the stadium.

Spains as newspaper said United were interested in signing Ibrahimovic back. Swedens Rafael Benitez has spent more than a season at United, scoring 29 goals. At present, Ibrahimovic plays for Los Angeles Galaxy, but their contracts will expire at the end of this year. Ibrahimovic has been linked with a number of teams and has yet to make a decision on his next stop. The sun said United had made contact with Ibrahimovic to discuss a possible return.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473