How envious! Liverpools DNA killing has made guashuai sour: is it really magical?

 How envious! Liverpools DNA killing has made guashuai sour: is it really magical?

Manets last-minute goal helped Liverpool beat villa 2-1 and the Reds maintained their six point advantage over Manchester City. This game, MANET is very dazzling. The 87th minute, he assists Robson to level the score. Then he sent out his own kill. However, Manet also has controversial moments. The 38th minute, he was suspected of diving, was yellow card warning.

Speaking of MANET, guashuai said after the match: he is a genius. Liverpool have beaten their rivals at the last minute many times this season. However, he (MANET) sometimes falls. Sometimes he has the ability to score incredible goals at the last minute. Hes very talented. The next round of the league, Manchester City and Liverpool will have a positive dialogue, guashuai at this time criticized MANET diving, immediately caused the media and fans hot discussion.

Liverpool always win at the last minute and they seem to be sheltered by some mysterious force. Guashuai said enviously: if we only do this once or twice, we can say very lucky, very lucky . However, in the past two seasons, they have done this many times, and they really seem to have a special temperament. We can only be ourselves, we know our opponents. The impression is that Liverpool have won 10 games and drawn one. Next weekend, we are going to Anfield to compete with them

Against the saints this round, Manchester City almost capsized. We really did everything we could, they had 11 people defending, it was difficult. Our players have done their best and we have been rewarded. We tried to beat them and we did it. Guashuai said.

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