Central political and Legal Commission: burning the Hong Kong Building of Xinhua news agency has broken through the bottom line of civilization

 Central political and Legal Commission: burning the Hong Kong Building of Xinhua news agency has broken through the bottom line of civilization

The security expansion door curled and fell to the ground. The glass door and curtain wall were smashed and destroyed. There was a word Zhi left on the spider like tempered glass. Its not hard to imagine how insulting words were scrawled by the mob before smashing. In the hysterical smash and damage of ten minutes, the mob all the way into the lobby of the building, and even threw incendiary bombs at the building. The fire in the building was burning and smoke was rolling, completely ignoring the safety of the people in the building, and regarded life as grass.

Xinhua News Agency expressed great indignation and strongly condemned the barbarism of the rioters, and hoped that the Hong Kong police would seriously investigate the incident, Xinhua said in a statement that night. A spokesman for the SAR government said the vandalism and burning of shops, news agencies and MTR stations by the rioters were lawless and heinous.

In the past five months, the streets of Hong Kong have been out of tune and the quality of the demonstrations has changed. The gradual escalation of violence is destroying the normal life of the citizens and the normal order of the society. A small group of thugs have been beating, smashing, looting and burning again and again, making the citys tall buildings and forests smoke billow, and making the Oriental Pearl lose her spirit of striving, integrity and openness. Until now, when it comes to blatant attacks on news organizations, thugs have to pay the price they deserve for their disgusting brutality.

The barbaric attacks on news organizations have not only broken through the bottom line of law and morality, but also the bottom line of civilization. Freedom of speech is written in the constitution of the peoples Republic of China, the basic law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the law of every civilized society. In a civilized society, speech must be allowed to have room for debate within the scope of the rule of law, and all the actions of thugs are destroying this spaceu2014u2014

The thugs savagely attacked the citizens who dared to express different voices, whether young or old, all of them were beaten to the ground, and continued to be humiliated until the blood was dripping; they beat the reporters who reported the opposition more than once, and people will not forget the tragedy of the reporter who was tied up with his hands in the Hong Kong International Airport, I support the Hong Kong Police, you can hit me! They are constantly threatening and intimidating on the Internet. Even those netizens who show a trace of dissatisfaction, let alone western social platforms that support thugs, help them limit the flow, delete posts, forbid words, and seal their names, which makes people shudder.

Now, its finally about attacking news organizations. The mobs are sending a stronger signal than attacking ordinary citizens, beating ordinary journalists and threatening ordinary Internet users, a signal aimed at creating terror. They have repeatedly deprived people of the right to express their opinions freely within the scope of the law. They just want people who oppose them to become mute and the general public who want to hear the truth to become deaf. The violence and blatant provocation carefully planned against freedom of speech, the seeds of fear sown in peoples hearts, become the poison that thugs use to break other peoples throats and pierce other peoples eardrums.

Any sympathy for this kind of anti civilization behavior is to help tyranny, the violence is unforgivable, and the right of life not dominated by fear must be firmly defended.

Dont forget what the treatment of the media supporting them is: follow them with swagger, turn a blind eye to them waving sticks and throwing incendiary bottles, but aim the camera at the Hong Kong police every time they use force according to law, openly distort, exaggerate or even hesitate to make false. Every report that distorts the facts is a great help to the violence. For example, drugs make them addicted to drugs, and make the violence that thugs suppress the opposition stronger.

Dont forget where the people who support them are hiding: they may have taken off their black clothes and put on their suits, put down their flasks and picked up their microphones, made promises to people that cant be realized at all, imagined the effect of Stockholm syndrome to win over the hearts of ordinary citizens and realize their political plans. Every time they show a false smile, they put a knife under the Democratic rib of Hong Kong, reminding people of how they trampled on freedom with violence.

Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China. There are police in Hong Kong day and night to stop violence. There are judges in Hong Kong who play the gavel for fairness and justice. Hong Kong is still a society ruled by law. As long as this fact remains unchanged, thugs will never escape the punishment of the law. Their political plans can only be a dream!

Source: An Jian, director of the political and Law Commission of the CPC Central Committee, editor in charge: Yu changzong, Niu nbj11145