Experts suggest sharing parking at wrong time

 Experts suggest sharing parking at wrong time

In this regard, experts suggest that schools and surrounding buildings, residential areas, units try to share parking in the wrong time.

Question 1

Vehicles parked in disorder, students shuttled through them

In fact, in order to solve the problem of traffic congestion around the campus, during this summer vacation, Beijing traffic management department has carried out a series of transformations around the campus, some parking spaces around the campus have been cancelled, and illegal camera probes have been installed, but this still can not prevent parents from parking illegally.

The same thing happened in Dongcheng District No.109 middle school. At 17:40 on October 24, at the peak of the evening, students left the school one after another. Within a hundred meters outside the school gate, dozens of motor vehicles have been parked waiting for students to be picked up. Pedestrian footpath and non motor vehicle lane are occupied. Pedestrians and bicycles can only squeeze through the traffic.

Disorderly parking of non motor vehicles also aggravates the congestion at the school gate. When struggling primary school in Xicheng District finishes school, the teacher will lead the students to wait for their parents on the sidewalks on both sides of the north and south. A lot of bicycles are placed on the North sidewalk, with narrow space, causing crowd congestion.


One school, one policy traffic guidance to reduce traffic flow interweaving

In front of the gate of Guangqumen middle school in Dongcheng District, a number of traffic signs no parking on both sides of the road around the campus have been erected around the campus, isolation belts have been installed on both sides and in the middle of the road to prevent illegal parking of motor vehicles, and illegal camera probes have been installed at the gate of the school. The vehicles that send children to school generally stay for more than ten seconds and drive away, and the phenomenon that the vehicles turn around at the school gate is also significantly reduced.

At about 7:20 a.m. on October 29, the reporter visited the first primary school of Zhanzhan Road, Xicheng District. There are many residential areas around the school. Most of the parents pick up and send their children through the North Street and the middle street. There are marked parking spaces beside the two roads, all of which are full of vehicles. The roads are narrow. Fortunately, the two roads are one-way traffic lanes, with sidewalks on both sides, and bicycle lanes on one side. Although there are many cars and people, the traffic conditions are OK.

Mr. Zhang, the parents of the students, said that the one-way line was reconstructed about half a year ago. It used to be very congested, with mixed traffic and pedestrians, which was very unsafe. Once arriving at the school peak, the car can be blocked up to half a kilometer away. Seeing the school in front of you, you cant drive it. Now its a one-way street. Its much smoother to send children to school.

Question 2

Parents come to school earlier than they go to school

Comparatively speaking, the congestion around the school is more serious than that around the school.

A parent of a struggling primary school student in Xicheng District said he had to ride an electric car to pick up and send his children because of the traffic jam. During school hours, the parents dont stop the car, the children get off, and the parents drive away; but during school hours, the parents arrive at the school gate early and stop the car on the side of the road, so the road is crowded.

In particular, some schools located in alleys and back streets, due to the lack of regular parking spaces, disorderly parked vehicles will occupy both sides of the road, leaving only room for one vehicle to pass.

Theres really no way to park illegally. Theres no suitable parking lot nearby, and this is a residential area. Even the street outside Guangqumen is full of cars, and the roadside parking space is not enough. Parents, Ms. Liu told reporters that the time to pick up and send their children off class every day is just in time for the evening rush hour, which is more crowded than in the morning.