Five member group pregnancy club forced underage prostitution and forced tattoo insults

 Five member group pregnancy club forced underage prostitution and forced tattoo insults

Set up wechat group of pregnancy club,

Unify the word evil above the body,

The crime of personal humiliation, the crime of forced prostitution

Rape, robbery and other seven crimes!


Haimen, a criminal gang of evil forces, has been sentenced!

Five criminal gangs are unified above the body

In 2018, after five suspects met, they often gathered in a tattoo shop of one of them, Wu, to unify the word evil on the body, and established a wechat group called pregnancy club.

The five gradually formed a criminal group of evil forces, and between May and October 2018, several young ladies on the stage were seduced, beaten, intimidated to KTV to engage in profit-making escort, forced to take the important, deprived of personal freedom, forced insults and other acts.

In addition to the criminal groups, some members also raped, robbed, forced prostitution and provoked trouble.

Forcing underage girls to drink and talk with each other

From May to July 2018, the criminal group successively lured back several women from Dongguan, Pizhou and other places in Guangdong Province, including several teenage girls.

These girls were asked to accompany with wine and chat in a KTV in Haimen, and were arranged with food and accommodation in a unified way. Strict inspection and spot check were also carried out on commuting and working hours. Every day, they will be paid 30 to 50 yuan for food and make-up. In case of disobedience, the criminal group will beat and intimidate them together.

From June to October 2018, the gang repeatedly forced prostitution, abuse, intimidation and rape by extorting the stage fee of Miss Tai commit all manners of crimes! On the afternoon of October 15, 2018, they also took two girls to the tattoo shop and forced them to tattoo their arms, one Wen sun and one Wen cactus.

The defendants Wu, Kong, Feng, Li and Qin were respectively guilty of organizing minors to carry out activities in violation of public security management, provocation, illegal detention, forced insult, forced prostitution, rape and robbery.

Four defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six to 15 years and a fine ranging from 10000 yuan to 65000 yuan; one defendant was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six months and suspended for one year for minors.

Court reminder

As a parent, to track the growth of children, we cant relax the education of children for a moment, especially for minors, where children go, parents should track where they go and do their duty of guardianship.

As a society, we should grasp the legal education of teenagers, strengthen the management of Internet bar, hotel, bath room, massage shop, KTV and other places, prevent accurately, cut off the black hand extended to teenagers, and protect and promote their healthy growth.

Source: Jiangsu news editor in charge: Zhou Xinyi ufe63 nb12002