Autumn harvest of industrial hemp: 1000 times price difference between raw materials and products

 Autumn harvest of industrial hemp: 1000 times price difference between raw materials and products

Weather influences harvesting

Industrial marijuana is rich in CBD with long and thin leaves. What bothers the growers is the uncertain weather, which will affect the harvest progress.

One day in the middle of October, the rain fell on the farmland. The staff of Yunnan Muya Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan Muya), a subsidiary of Longjin pharmaceutical holding company, made a bad impression on the whole person.

Its only sunny and rainy. I cant accept it... Zhang Yang shook his head and muttered to his colleague Hao Peng (pseudonym). Hao Peng didnt speak. He turned around and put his hands behind him. He smiled bitterly. After a tour of the plantation, they are ready to return to the county. From here to the county seat, there are more than 30 kilometers, about 5 kilometers is a mountain road with great curvature. Zhang Yang said that people who are prone to carsickness will generally vomit.

The object of harvest, as it is said, is the hot industrial marijuana this year. At this time of year, Zhang Yang and Hao Peng are in a hurry, because there is still a week to go before the frost falls on the lunar calendar. The last solar term of autumn also means the coming of winter. As a common crop, the growth cycle of industrial marijuana cannot avoid the laws of all things, which is the golden period of the final harvest.

Hao Peng and Zhang Yang are joking in the car. They mutter a joke: its like God is against us.

They think of the spring when the plants will come out, and the growers of industrial marijuana yearn for more rain in the red soil. However, the weather is not beautiful, Yunnan spring drought lasted for a long time, affecting the sowing and emergence of industrial cannabis. Industrial marijuana is a high stalk crop, which is not resistant to soil drought. If there is little rain, the yield will be small. When it rains, it doesnt rain. When its sunny, it doesnt. farmers are most afraid of such tricks.

The industrial marijuana in the cultivated land is photographed by Xu Shuai, a journalist

In Zhanyi District, Qujing City, about 200 kilometers away from Muya, Yunnan Province, Fang Huarong, chairman of the board of Xi Meikang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi Meikang), a subsidiary of Kangenbei, also faces the same troubles. Industrial hemp seeds are sown because of the drought. Fang Huarong was worried. He watched the weather forecast every day and looked forward to another rain. Things are not so good, Fang Huarong can only grow nutrient solution for industrial marijuana. This is also a helpless move, no longer infusion, the size of industrial marijuana is not high.

Compared with publicity, Fang Huarong still has some small fortune. The weather has cleared up for a while in the ximekang industrial marijuana planting base in haojiaaozi village, Yanfang township. In the middle and late October, farmers have begun to reap spirit. Yu is the male plant of industrial marijuana, commonly known as male hemp. If there is a male, there is a female. The female plant is tho. In the field of industrial marijuana, male and female plants are mixed. The male plant blooms and the pollen spreads on the female plant, which can seed.

The reporter of the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) inquired from many people in the industry in Yunnan Province to have a comprehensive understanding of the cycle of industrial marijuana cultivation. In the middle of May, industrial marijuana was planted. One month later, the emergence period reached 1 meter. Two months later, when the length of industrial marijuana is more than 2 meters, it will usher in the fastest growth stage, sometimes 10 cm a day. Five months after planting (150 days), the industrial hemp can be harvested, first male hemp and then female hemp Flowers, leaves and flocs are used to extract CBD; hemp stalks and stalks can be used to make fiber clothing; hemp seeds can be used as edible oil or peeled for food.

Hao Peng peels a hemp seed and opens it skillfully with his mouth, which is not much different from eating melon seeds. Hemp kernels after hulling of industrial hemp seeds are called hemp kernels. Meiyingsen, a hot stock recently, cooperates with Jiangnan University to develop the main raw material of artificial meat, which is hemp kernel.

In the planting base of haojiaaozi village, there are still a large number of female industrial marijuana plants ready to be harvested. This is a green scene. The female hemp is scattered in the ground. The high industrial hemp is 3-4 meters. When the breeze blows, there will be a strange smell in the industrial marijuana planting area. Local people describe it as hemp taste.

The male hemp withers before the female hemp, and the pollen of the male hemp has no value once it flies, which will also affect the CBD content of the female hemp. Shimekangs technicians explained why male hemp was harvested before female. Generally speaking, the CBD content of industrial marijuana in Yunnan is between 0.8% and 1.6%. The CBD content of some industrial marijuana planted by himecon is already at 1.2%, which has reached a relatively high level.

There are many factors that affect the CBD content of industrial marijuana, climate and environment are one of them. At the most critical harvesting stage, the CBD content of industrial hemp still has an interesting law of marginal decline. In October, hemp seeds in industrial hemp wadding will be coated with slurry, which is the highest CBD content. Zhang Yang and Hao Pengs key inspection work during this period is to check which hemp seeds have been coated.

Hao Peng takes off the hemp seeds, peels off the shell and flows out the milky white liquid. He finds an industrial hemp which has been coated with pulp. This can be collected, and its worthless if its older..

Lets wait for the sky to clear up. Lets start when its clear. They are looking forward to a good harvest of industrial marijuana this year.

Marijuana has always been a strictly controlled product under the UN drug control convention, and it is still illegal to carry and smoke marijuana in most countries. What is forbidden by law belongs to recreational marijuana, industrial marijuana and it are two dimensions. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content less than 0.3% is industrial cannabis. Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province are the few provinces that are allowed to grow industrial marijuana in China.

Honghe, Wenshan, Qujing, Xishuangbanna and other places are relatively concentrated industrial cannabis cultivation areas. The altitude, soil, water source and climate environment are the natural resources for the cultivation of industrial marijuana in the above areas. Yanfang Township, Zhanyi District, Qujing City, is more than 30 kilometers away from the urban area, which is close to the source of the Pearl River, a large-scale water system in the south. The murmuring stream at the foot of majong mountain is the place where Xu Xiake used to seek the source for three times.

On the other hand, industrial marijuana is not difficult to grow. It is a more resistant crop. Fang Huarong, a native of Zhejiang Province, claims to be an old farmer who came out to work in the 1960s. He has worked in agriculture all his life. He has planted rice, corn, sugarcane, medicinal herbs, etc. and industrial marijuana has been rated as the best one. He described the cultivation of industrial marijuana as lazy crops, the best crops are lazy crops!

At the roadside of haojiaaozi village, some crooked necks of industrial marijuana plants stand upside down, and even their roots are exposed. However, they have not died yet, and their vitality is especially tenacious. It can grow when its half interrupted by hail. Said a technician from himecon.

Yunnan has a long history of agricultural cultivation, and flue-cured tobacco and corn are more common crops for farmers. The economic benefit of flue-cured tobacco is high, but it is difficult to resist natural disasters such as hail. If its cut in half like industrial marijuana, its hard to grow tobacco. Technical staff of himecon said.

Corn is easy to grow, but its economic benefit is not as good as that of flue-cured tobacco. Good cultivation, high economic benefits, industrial marijuana is like a combination of the two, with their own comparative advantages.

Xiaochen, a farmer in Yunnan Province, worked with Yunnan Muya to test industrial marijuana for the first time this year. He used to be idle at home, not interested in general crop planting. The economic benefit is OK. The economic benefit of planting one mu of industrial marijuana is 2000 yuan, and 100 mu of land is 200000 yuan. Xiao Chen calculated an economic account. The cost of planting an mu of land is 150 yuan, including the cost of fertilizer, soil film, labor, etc. Eight workers are needed to harvest an acre of industrial marijuana, 80 yuan a day, which is the biggest cost for him to grow industrial marijuana.

The economic benefits of farmers Cultivation of industrial marijuana are related to their production. The amount of money they make varies from person to person, depending on their cultivation experience, technology, etc.

Small investment, fast recovery and large profits. This is a brief and comprehensive summary, but this sentence is not all.

The small investment in the cultivation of industrial marijuana corresponds to a low risk. In fact, the risk is transferred in the contract, and the company has to accept more cost constraints. Yunnan Muya adopts the cooperation mode of company plus farmers. The company provides technology and seeds, and the farmers are responsible for planting and picking.

Both Muya and ximekang in Yunnan Province tend to choose this cooperation mode for the cultivation of industrial marijuana, and the capital, labor and land can be effectively restructured.

It is difficult for individual individual individual to meet the matching conditions. However, farmers can provide the companys scarce labor force, and can also solve the problem of the companys planting base by transferring land.

The planting cycle of industrial marijuana is 150 days, and spring planting and autumn harvest can ensure the fast recovery of growers and companies. But this seems to be the only harvesting cycle for industrial marijuana. Its hard to harvest twice a year. You cant grow industrial marijuana in winter. Fang Huarongs explanation is that the growing law of industrial marijuana should also be respected.

Its hard to quantify the profit. The farmers income is good, but the company doesnt think so. This is no more than two reasons. First, it is uncertain. This year is the first year of trial planting for listed companies such as Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Kangenbei Co., Ltd., which has not yet completed all harvesting. Fang Huarong, Li Yahe, Secretary of the board of directors of Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told the daily economic news that the market price of hemp leaves has not yet come out, so it is impossible to estimate the profits brought by the harvest of industrial marijuana, and it is also necessary to know how much its contribution to the performance after settlement; secondly, it comes from the traditional experience that industrial marijuana belongs to crops, while agricultural products are hard to make a lot of money. As the above-mentioned technicians of himecon lament, it needs a feeling to do agriculture.

Thousands of times of price difference in different links

In the dimension of the whole industrial chain of industrial marijuana, the value estimation of each link cannot be the same. The midstream processing industry of industrial marijuana is regarded as the link with the highest economic surplus.

From industrial cannabis raw materials to finished products, the product premium is more than 1700 times. In the whole industrial cannabis industry chain, the gross profit margin of the processing link is also very high. Although the reporter did not know the specific figures, but can compare the international cannabis company horizontally. The worlds leading industrial marijuana companies, such as canopygrowth Corp and Aurora marijuana, have had gross margins of more than 70% in the past two years.

The key to industrial marijuana is processing, without which there is no profit. Fang Huarong pointed out the key point directly.

The downstream application market of CBD can support its high quotation in the international market. The prospect is very good. European and American countries have huge market potential. This is a trillion level industry. Fang Huarong smiled, and he was very optimistic about the future of the downstream application market of industrial marijuana.

Fang Huarongs optimism is not unreasonable. Before the reporters interview, the research paper of securities companies and foreign marijuana companies have made profit estimates. According to Euromonitor International, in 2018, the global legal market for cannabis will be about US $12 billion; by 2025, the market size of legal products will reach US $166 billion. The demand for cannabinoid CBD will increase, and the growth rate is expected to be close to 80% in the next two years. Canopygrowth once mentioned the main market scale of industrial marijuana application in 2017. The total market scale of sports drinks, alcoholic drinks, medical health and sleep reached 2650 billion yuan.

Only six enterprises in Yunnan have CBD processing licenses. Industry insiders told reporters that this includes hansu biology, baiou biology, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yunnan hanruis Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The examination and approval procedure of CBD processing qualification is relatively strict, which needs to be verified by the public security department.

In fact, some CBD processing plants are located in a concealed location and refuse to be visited by external personnel. One example is Yunnan hansu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hansu bio), which is controlled by hansu Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hansu bio).

From Kunming to Haikou Town, this is the expressway around Dianchi Lake. Walking straight in Haikou, you can see slogans of the last century and Soviet style buildings. The address of industrial and commercial data registered by Yunnan hansu is the factory building of Xiyi Co., Ltd., and the innermost one is its processing plant. Different from the traditional factory of Xiyi, Yunnan hansu factory is made of blue irregular blocks. Reporters standing outside the factory can still hear the roar of the machines inside. No interviews here. The staff guarding the door said.

Himecons industrial marijuana processing plant is near the office, which used to be a material reserve. At present, the industrial hemp processing plant has not yet obtained the processing license, but has the technical process of purifying CBD. Fang Huarong told reporters that the technology used in the hemp processing plant of ximekang industry is solvent extraction process.

Feed, crude extraction, refined extraction and finished product crystal, CBD extraction of industrial hemp are generally the four links.

Put the flower and leaf particles into the container and soak for about half an hour, and then pass through the filter to the large tank (evaporation tank). Li Yongping of ximekang roughing workshop took the reporter into the workshop and explained the roughing steps in detail. This workshop is relatively clean, and some processes can complete automatic operation. In this workshop, the particles of flowers and leaves will become black and sticky, and then enter the refining workshop, the last one is white CBD crystal, just like salt.

As a matter of fact, the audit of entering the himecon processing plant is also very strict. First of all, the vehicles in and out of the plant shall be registered strictly, and it is forbidden to drive into the plant area without working nature. Secondly, the ximekang processing plant has more than 60 cameras. Besides being seen by the monitoring room, the monitoring images are also connected with the public security system.

We have two processing plants, the total annual capacity of CBD crystal is 10 tons. Fang Huarong said that at present, this production capacity is in the forefront of Yunnan industrial hemp processing plant.

It is worth mentioning that the scale of industrial cannabis cultivation is also constrained by the capacity of processing plants. There are 5000 mu industrial marijuana planting bases in Zhanyi District, and next year it is planned to expand production to 20000 mu. Fang Huarong said that the CBD processing capacity of their processing plant is 50000 mu of raw materials. Longjin pharmaceutical also sells the harvested industrial marijuana to processing plants.

For the listed companies involved in the concept of industrial cannabis processing, the performance may not be fully realized in the short term; for the listed companies involved in the concept of industrial cannabis cultivation, the profit contribution of flower leaf sales is not as good as expected.

This year, the planting area of industrial marijuana in Yunnan is about 170000 mu. Yang Ming, a professor at Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that whether the subsequent planting scale will increase depends on the scale of processing capacity.