Biden: Im a Democrat from the age of 27

 Biden: Im a Democrat from the age of 27

Overseas network, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) - with the Democratic primary debate in 2020 general election, the competition among the candidates is also rapidly escalating. For now, former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads the polls in the party, and the U.S. Senates Elizabeth Warren have turned the debate off the court. In the face of Warrens doubts about his policy proposition, Biden on Saturday (2 local time), while showing loyalty to the Democratic Party, did not forget to ridicule his opponent with seniority, saying I am a Democrat since I was 27 years old.

Warren, a strong contender in the Democratic primary, recently opened fire on Biden, saying his health care reform plan was a repeat of the path the Republican Party has taken, and attacking Biden for running the wrong way in the primary, the Capitol Hill reported. In response, Biden on Saturday (2) strongly hit back and said, its ridiculous that its a big mistake. he said that his health care reform plan is based on Obamas health care reform plan and did not abandon it.

In addition, while showing loyalty to the Democratic Party, he did not forget to ridicule Warren with his old qualifications, saying that I have been a certified Democrat since I was 27 years old, and now I am running for president because of my continuous progress. It is understood that Warren was a Republican until he joined the Democratic Party.

Half a month ago, the Democratic Party held its fourth debate on the presidential candidates. This time, the competitors firepower shifted to Warren. Warren, 70, is seen as a radical in the Democratic Party, advocating taxes on the rich and universal health care. For her health care claim, other candidates did not buy the bill, including Biden, who had been trying to win over the middle party. Many attacked Warren, saying that her universal health care plan was not operational and would increase the burden on the middle class in the United States, which was unrealistic and ambiguous.

But in the weeks leading up to the debate, for the first time, the front runner of Democratic candidates changed. Influenced by the call gate incident in Ukraine, Biden lost the top position and was replaced by Warren. The associated press pointed out that in order to represent the Democratic Party in 2020, every candidate needs to explain clear domestic and foreign policies to the voters, and refusing to publish detailed policy plans will be seen as a clear evasion. How Warren responds to these criticisms will be a key test of her ability to stay ahead.

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