Xinhua news agency was hit and set on fire by Hong Kong thugs

 Xinhua news agency was hit and set on fire by Hong Kong thugs

The governor of Changan Street noticed that last night this morning, the client of Xinhua News Agency announced the pictures of the internal angle of the scene, which was shocking. The government of the special administrative region has issued a press release saying that the mob should be condemned in the strongest way because of its unruly and heinous behavior.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, the office building of Xinhua News Agency Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong was smashed and damaged by thugs. (the same below)

In the smashing damage lasting for about 10 minutes, the mob destroyed the security facilities at the entrance of the building, sprayed insulting words on the glass wall and the outer wall of the main door of the building, smashed the glass door and the glass wall of the building, and some windows on the second and third floors of the building were also smashed. The mob also threw incendiary and paint bombs at the lobby of the office building, and once entered the lobby of the building for damage. And rioters set fire at the front door of the building.

On the afternoon of the same day, there was an illegal rally of radical demonstrators in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, which was subsequently dispersed and arrested by the police. After the rioters were dispersed by the police, they made trouble in Wanchai and Causeway Bay and smashed them.

The head of AP News Agency strongly condemned the savage act of thugs smashing the office building of AP news agency, expressed great indignation at the violent act of thugs, and hoped that Hong Kong police would seriously investigate the incident, strictly enforce the law and bring the thugs to justice.

A spokesman for Xinhua news agency said that Xinhua is Chinas national news agency and a worldwide news agency with global influence, and has always been committed to providing authoritative, authentic and comprehensive news information for audiences at home and abroad. The actions of the mobs in black once again show that to stop violence and bring about chaos and restore order is the most important and urgent task for Hong Kong at present. We firmly support the SAR government and the police to stop violence and chaos according to law. We also believe that this illegal act will be condemned by all sectors of Hong Kong society.

The website of the Hong Kong SAR government issued a communique late last night, strongly condemning the rioters wanton destruction of social peace.

Regardless of the publics safety, the rioters threw petrol bombs and arson, threw bricks and nails on the road, and deliberately damaged and burned shops, news agencies and railway stations, which were lawless and heinous, should be condemned in the strongest terms, the communique said.

In view of the above confusion, in order to ensure public safety and maintain the rule of law, the police must take dispersal actions and arrest suspected violators to restore social order.

He expressed his deep regret that some people ignored the decision of the Appeal Committee of public assembly and procession and deliberately participated in the unauthorized assembly in Victoria Park.

Source: Director of Changan Street editor: Zhou Xinyi, nb12002