Arson of the two regional council offices: Hong Kong peoples Federation will not yield to the black forces

 Arson of the two regional council offices: Hong Kong peoples Federation will not yield to the black forces

Photo: Yao Ming (small photo), a member of the North District of the peoples Construction Union (Huadu constituency), whose office in Hua Mian building, Huaxin estate, Fanling, was destroyed by arson yesterday morning / online photo

According to on November 3, the office of the district councillor of the peoples construction union has been destroyed by the targeted serial punishment of thugs in recent days, and the fairness and order of the election have been severely challenged! Last morning, the offices of the Saigon District councillor (Guangming constituency) Zhuang Yuanpeng and the North District councillor (Huadu constituency) Yao Ming were set on fire. In a subsequent statement, the DAB firmly stated that it would not yield to the black forces or waver in its determination to build Hong Kong. At the same time, it also urged the police to enforce the law strictly, seize the thugs as soon as possible, restore order in Hong Kong and restore peace in the community.

Zhuang Yuanpengs office in the ground floor of Guangrui Pavilion, guangmingyuan, Tseung Kwan O, was destroyed at one oclock yesterday morning. There were traces of smoke left behind by the fire in the ground floor and the wall. The banners and posters were also defaced and torn down. After the police arrived for investigation, they listed the case as arson. Now they are investigating the incident and no one has been arrested. In the 2019 District Council Election on April 24, Zhuang Yuanpeng has also signed up to run for re-election in Guangming constituency, and will face Ke Yaolin.

Yao Mings office was damaged for the third time

In addition, at about 2 a.m. yesterday, Yao Ming, a member of the North District (Huadu constituency), whose office in Hua Mian building, Huaxin estate, Fanling, was also destroyed by arson. Yao Ming later posted on Facebook that this was the third time he had been damaged. Some easy to pull materials and wheelchairs donated by the neighborhood for borrowing, as well as the oil heater to be transferred to those in need, were destroyed. In addition, the fire hose burst, causing a large amount of water to flow into the office. He apologized for the alarm bells harassing nearby residents and hoped that the society would return to rationality as soon as possible and oppose all acts of violence affecting fair and fair elections. He has also signed up for re-election this year against Zhang Junwei, who claims to be an opposition.

On Thursday (31), Zhou Haoding, a member of the Legislative Council of the peoples Republic of China, was forced to break into the office of a district councillor in Tung Chung for the third time since the riots in recent months. The office was devastated and completely inoperable. The extent of the rioters destruction is even more outrageous than before. In addition to making a lot of trouble and cutting off the communication system in the office, it can be seen that the rioters are carefully deployed in advance, organized, planned and premeditated in order to hinder the office from providing services to the public.

Set fire beside the service station and ignore human life

A spokesman for the Federation said the black riots of the past few months had made Hong Kong look different. The mobs act of beating, smashing, looting and burning not only severely damaged the Hong Kong economy, but also made the whole Hong Kong people live in panic.

Whats more, the black terror has spread to the community, and the mob has systematically and comprehensively targeted the political parties and members of the organic party, and the member offices of the DAB have not been spared. These misdeeds of arson and criminal damage not only seriously affect the normal services provided by the peoples Federation of construction for the neighborhood, but also the Yao Ming District councillors office, which was set ablaze by rioters last night, is close to the service station. In case the fire goes out of control, it is likely to cause serious accidents and casualties. Therefore, it strongly requires the police to strictly enforce the law and seize the thugs as soon as possible, so as to restore order and community peace in Hong Kong.

Wang Guoxing, the convener of the election fairness concern group, earlier exposed 12 kinds of evils that undermined the fairness of the election, including attacks on candidates at street stations, intimidation of family members or relatives of candidates, mass destruction of propaganda materials of candidates, online bullying and supporters of candidates at the bottom, and black violence washing houses on the door, and voters households being attacked Threats and so on.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Yu changzong, nbj11145