I added more than a dozen mutual aid group netizens to collect wool: its hard for me on the double 11

 I added more than a dozen mutual aid group netizens to collect wool: its hard for me on the double 11

Zhongxin Jingwei client, Nov. 3 (Wei Wei): Double 11 is coming soon. Major e-commerce companies have already launched various marketing activities, including interactive games such as nationwide open shop, building PK, red bag double power, etc. there are a lot of people in the circle of friends asking for help. In order to attract more people to help, a variety of mutual aid groups have emerged quietly. Some people have added more than a dozen groups to collect wool. However, there are some netizens Tucao, this is what you are in the wool, or by the platform grass harvest?

Mutual aid group is on fire

Whose wechat doesnt contain a few sheep flocks. Jin Yu picked up his mobile phone and sent the new activities he found to several groups. Who will exchange points? he typed out a few words, and someone immediately replied, help you order..

Jinyu is not shy of being a member of the wool party. The wool party is a group that specially selects all kinds of marketing activities of companies, such as e-commerce, credit card, online loan and other fields, to exchange low cost for high reward. They also call this behavior collecting wool.

In order to participate in the double 11 activity, Jinyu joined more than a dozen wool groups. A lot of activities need help and praise. Ive harassed relatives and friends around me. Many people dont understand it, so Ill find people who share the same interests with me.

How much can I collect? Jin Yu claimed that he collected more than 200 yuan in cash from the platform last year, but he also spent much more than 200 yuan.

Lin Feng also joined the team of collecting wool by mistake. He is a middle-level manager of the top three real estate companies in the industry, with a monthly salary of 30000. Collecting wool is mainly for fun, Lin Feng said.

Last year, the Double Twelve wing payment released an activity to divide 30 million red envelopes. 24 people need to be invited to help. Lin Feng accidentally saw this activity in a forum, but its really difficult to find 24 people to help. Lin Feng left his wechat in the message area, hoping that some netizens could see it and help him.

Soon after, he was drawn to a group called Dianba, where he could help each other. Soon Lin Feng had enough 24 people and finally got 97 yuan. Since then, Lin Feng has been resident in the group, where they will help each other to order red envelopes and share various wool information. Lin Feng said that he is usually very busy, only on the way to work to have a look.

Who will exchange points? , clicked. In the mutual aid group, reporters from China and New Zealand saw that there were various activity links rolling in the group, with few chatting.

The group leader of Dianba said that many businesses need to praise, help each other or bargain for their activities, while the number of relatives and friends around them is limited, and many people also dislike such games, so he collected like-minded people from various forums to form a group, which can also avoid disturbing people around him.

Every day, he collects all kinds of wool information from his various wool collection groups and forums, and then sends it to the group, such as game type mutual aid, or the first order free of charge, credit card discount, etc. the wool party has developed from the past single fight into group combat, and has formed a certain scale through various groups. As long as one wool information is found, all wool groups will distribute and spread.

According to Yang Wang, executive director of hande Institute of financial science and technology and senior researcher of Institute of financial science and technology of Renmin University of China, although many users dislike such marketing activities, it can help businesses enhance user stickiness, play a role in expanding the market, and the breadth and depth of business coverage can also be increased in an all-round way. After all, its a link sent by relatives and friends. Sometimes I have to click it. Once you are attracted to the platform, you can keep the customers on the platform through some operational means, and increase the stickiness, so that you cant go.

Gao Pan, a special researcher of ECOSOC e-commerce research center and founder of Wuhan Jiangnan north company, thinks that various interactive marketing activities assisted by people are important marketing strategies of social e-commerce. During the promotion period, through the interactive play method, strengthen the interaction and interest of the e-commerce platform itself, so as to realize its more important viral fission propagation - which is also the most important thing for the platform. Through a large number of fission propagation, increase a large number of people and effective flow for the E-commerce platform during the promotion period, so as to promote the sales of the whole platform.

Wechat attacks external links

Close group notice, Tencent will close all kinds of link groups that have the nature of power in the near future. Tonight, Tencent will start to close the group, endure a time when the wind is calm and the waves are calm, and step back from the sea and the sky. On the evening of October 27, several dianzanhuqun were sending out the notice of closing the group. For a while, some groups changed their name to leisure and health group, some groups chose to disband, and the previous 24-hour rolling information power group disappeared.

A mutual aid group has issued a closed group notice source: wechat

Recently, wechat Security Center released wechat external link illegal content attack publicity (hereinafter referred to as publicity) that the external link including induced sharing content promotes the atmosphere of malicious marketing, destroys the original green and healthy wechat ecological environment, causes harassment to wechat users, and affects the users use experience.

Many netizens clapped their hands and said, well done, some netizens commented, Im tired of all kinds of sharing every day, either bargaining or red envelopes, or sharing lottery and coupons, not only the content is not nutritious, but also annoying..

Nowadays, many e-commerce and all kinds of marketing activities rely on parasitism to spread and distribute in wechat. Wechat blocks the external chain, which is undoubtedly a blow to the wool party. Some of the existing activity links cannot be opened.

External link cannot open source: wechat

The upgraded wechat external link content management specification states that those who induce users to share and disseminate the content of the external link through the temptation of interests include but are not limited to: monetary rewards, physical prizes, virtual prizes (including but not limited to red envelopes, coupons, vouchers, points, phone charges, traffic, information); claim that sharing can increase the chance of drawing prizes, the probability of winning prizes, and success Function possibility: luring, inducing users to share and disseminating the content outside the chain by signing in and punching cards, inviting friends to help (including but not limited to helping, bargaining, accelerating), setting collection tasks (including but not limited to praise, cards, fortune and fragments).

However, on November 2, Zhongxin Jingwei reporters again opened mutual aid groups, which have gradually regained popularity. Some friends said that wechat was blocked without one size fits all after all, and some e-commerce companies chose to change the outer chain to copy password codes, which can continue to be shared in wechat. The wool party only took one more step to copy and paste than usual.

Where is the reasonable boundary of collecting wool?

Once the sheep are collected, their hair looks like the sea, so they are passers-by. Some wool parties dont know that some of their actions have violated the law. In recent years, there are not a few who collect wool and put themselves in prison.

In the first half of this year, according to a legal judgment published by China judicial document network, Sun Mou, the defendant, runs Dafei studio named after himself. Since October 2017, he has set up a local area network and computers in a rental house in Laiyang City, and successively recruited another three defendants as employees to handle bank cards with his own identity information and that of his relatives and friends, or Purchase citizen information through the Internet, and generate false information by using ID card generator, swindle points after registration of mobile phone application of China Merchants Banks pocket life, then exchange points for gifts, and make profits from external sales.

As of the crime, the defendant has redeemed more than 10000 monthly membership cards of video websites, worth more than 120000 yuan; and more than 300 wireless mice, worth more than 15000 yuan. In addition, there are store vouchers, physical examination vouchers, coffee vouchers, chicken wing chips vouchers, mobile traffic vouchers and so on. Finally, the principal offender, Sun Mou, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and a fine of 60000 yuan for the crime of infringing upon citizens personal information and fraud.

Some platforms are also paying for their own faults. Before that, some businesses caused consumers rights protection due to cancellation of orders. In 2014, Amazon marked a smart home sweeper robot with a price of 949 yuan as 94 yuan, resulting in 34000 orders in less than 12 minutes. After that, Amazon took the product off the shelves, deleted the relevant orders without authorization for the reason of wrong price, and returned the payment paid by the buyer.

After that, 290 consumers filed a lawsuit with Amazon. In March 2017, Beijing No.3 intermediate court decided that Amazons operator, Beijing Shiji Zhuoyue, should bear the adverse legal consequences, and compensate 290 consumers for the difference between the order amount and the market price of each machine of 855 yuan and the lawyers fee of 3000 yuan. The courts judgment reason is: if online shopping platform does not bear the liability for compensation, it will not be conducive to the regulation of false promotion and malicious unilateral cutting.

The above two cases arouse the publics thinking about the boundary of pulling wool. Zhao Zhanxiang, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin law firm, said it mainly looked at the specific way of pulling wool. If businesses engage in promotional activities, the so-called wool party fully complies with the rules, but the rules formulated by businesses have loopholes, wool party itself is not illegal, then the contract is effective.

If businesses have loopholes due to technical failures, wrong price settings, etc., and the wool party finds the loopholes, then it will expand the loopholes and spread them to many people, then businesses can ask to terminate the contract according to major misunderstandings. Zhao explained.

However, there are also illegal means, such as stealing other peoples accounts and identity information to collect wool, which may involve crimes.

Gao Pan said that the existence of the wool party posed more challenges to the design and release of such interactive marketing activities by e-commerce platforms.

Gao Pan suggests, at the technical level, to detect whether the simulator is available, to detect whether the device is in an environment where the machine features can be tampered (try to crack the device fingerprint), and to detect whether the network features are in the same network environment; at the business level, based on the device fingerprint, to detect whether there are high-frequency features similar to the device registration / login multi account type, and to mark the account, In the following key nodes, the account will be processed again; in the activity level, the historical cheating data will be analyzed, and the activity rewards will be optimized. For the traffic of cheating, the strategy of blocking is better than sparing is adopted. Instead of being tough, it is better to increase the attack cost and reduce the profit. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

(at the request of the visitors, Jinyu and Linfeng are aliases)

Source: Zhongxin Jingwei editor in charge: Qiao JunJing and nbj11279