Chinese Academy of Sciences experts talk about commercial space tourism: hope to buy tickets to the moon at an early date.

 Chinese Academy of Sciences experts talk about commercial space tourism: hope to buy tickets to the moon at an early date.

Surging news reporter Zhang Jing

There is no real commercial space tourism company in China. I hope that Chinas commercial space tourism companies will gradually develop to lay the foundation for the Chinese people to have the opportunity to buy a travel ticket to the moon as soon as possible. On October 31, at the second Silk Road Commercial Aerospace conference, Wu Ji, former director of the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said.

Virgin Galactic, which is just listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has a 90 minute flight cost of about 250000 US dollars (1.76 million yuan), and 603 people from 60 countries and regions have paid nearly 80 million US dollars in deposit to reserve seats.

Musks SpaceX said last September that Japans billionaire friend maesawa would be its first space passenger. Mr. Qian plans to invite six to eight artists for free, but details of the cost of the trip have not been disclosed.

Wu Ji said that at present, the cost of space tourism is too high. If a 70 kg tourist wants to go to heaven at the price of $10000 a kg, it will cost about $700000. At present, the return price is not included.

Wu believes that the market volume of commercial aerospace is growing, which brings confidence to the industry. But he also said that the cost of space tourism must be reduced. The cost reduction first depends on technological breakthroughs, that is, breakthroughs in takeoff and landing technology. As long as humans enter space, maintenance costs are not very high.

The last time humans left the moon was in 1972. Since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, there has been no manned lunar landing in the world. Human beings are not only species on earth, but also species in the solar system. We should speed up the pace of entering the solar system.

Space is neutral and can be used for both national defense politics and commerce. Weve been locked up in politics for decades. How can we break through the blockade so far? According to Wu Ji, the first is to rely on the opening up of the government, the second is to rely on a large number of cheap commercial components, especially to develop their own technology, and the third is to open up new markets and find development ideas in new markets.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news