Open letter to the family Committee: where is the 3200 class fee you collected on behalf of others!

 Open letter to the family Committee: where is the 3200 class fee you collected on behalf of others!

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to class 3. Without your hard work in the past year, there would be no bright day for class 3.

Since the establishment of the family Committee, I and other ordinary parents have never been able to meet Mr. Song again. No matter what happens, they can only ask for instructions from the family Committee.

We pay special tribute to the comrades of the family Committee. When you go to the front of the horse and the back of the horse in the wind and rain, ordinary parents like me cant catch up with you. At that time, Mr. Song chose all of you to be the important posts of the family Committee. Indeed, he is a wise man of ability!

(1) the family Committee collected class fees for three times, totaling 3200 yuan. The charity sale of Chongyang Festival raised a total of 7180 yuan. Please publicize the whereabouts and use details of these two fees.

(2) on the eve of teachers day, Mr. Song issued a notice in the group: no parents are allowed to give gifts to teachers for any reason. The family committee turned a blind eye and still asked every parent to pay 50 yuan to raise money together for a happy Teachers day.

(3) all parents are forced to report to the art class for their children, claiming that this is to support the work of song teacher. Parents who do not report to the class do not actively cooperate and do not understand the difficulties of the teacher. Finally, all parents pay money.

(5) last winter, when there was an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in the class and five children were infected, the family committee still encouraged the children to continue their classes, and the parents who did not listen to encouraged were sneered at. Later, the children who continued to attend classes infected three more people.

(6) in the June 1 art show, the children of a member of the family committee did not dance harmoniously, but became the leader. A members son, whose voice was as thin as a mosquito and a fly, became the host. Is there no chance for ordinary parents children to show their excellence? Excuse me, Mr. Song, has the family Committee become a privileged class among parents?

All ordinary parents of class 3

2. The core members of the family committee are full of grievances. She was kind-hearted

At the moment, she was full of vegetables, tangled and annoyed. She was about to catch up with Sister Xianglin. Sitting there, she murmured repeatedly: Im so kind-hearted, Ive spent time and mind, and in the end, its all my fault. Who did I provoke?!

She was really worried and angry at the way her claws scratched her heart. Its big or small. In a big way, because the parents are hostile to her, her son may also be isolated by her classmates.

In the open letter, she asked to publicize the whereabouts and details of the money. She also had no clear accounts, only some scribbled records.

Now she woke up as if she had made a big mistake, which she had not noticed before.

At the National Day party, she also showed off that her family committee work is very high-end and atmospheric, and is respected by the parents. Anyone who has anything will come to her for response, and miss song also relies on her.

Her son Yangyang seems to have become the first brother of class 3, with all kinds of honors, etiquette pacesetters, top painters, and famous scholars of Chinese studies. He is just like a shining star.

In fact, Yang Yangs mother is my childhood and grew up together. Based on my understanding of her, she is a flamboyant and brave woman. How can she do so many outrageous things?

Later, because she was a full-time mom, she gradually became the President of the family committee when she had free time. If there was anything the teacher asked her to help Zhang Luo, she was also willing to share it with the teacher.

According to her, part of the class fee is used for parent-child activities, such as buying balloons, drinks and sweets, and part is used to buy picture books to enrich book corners.

The charity money for the Double Ninth Festival sale was donated to the nursing home, and she also put in hundreds of money by herself. She bought all the things that no one bought in the bazaar.

When it comes to the Double Ninth Festival bazaar, I broke my heart, helped to make posters, mobilized parents to donate items, set up the venue and prepare speeches. In the end, they suspected me of corruption! Im so cold, Im so blocked!

Yang Yangs mother said and cried, tears crackling. I asked her why she didnt keep a clear account? When it comes to your money, its easy to question that there are no accounts.

We are all just volunteers to help. We are all generating electricity for love. How can we think so thoroughly. At that time, I was thinking of helping the teacher to deal with some chores, and also let Miss Song pay more attention to educating children.

Later, Miss Song apologized to me, and I understood her. She was also paid to eat. If the children took an extra day off, they would pay less for their meals. They even need to pay back the childcare fee. Of course, the kindergarten would not like to. They also open the kindergarten for profit.

Yang Yangs mother is very easy to forgive others. In fact, she is very kind, but her work is not meticulous enough.

3. Some parents are keen to participate in the family Committee, but strive for special attention for their children

I asked whether the performance was operated in secret, and she readily admitted it. The most fundamental reason why she is willing to pay time and energy to participate in the family committee is that she hopes that the children can get special attention from the teachers and get more opportunities to show in various activities.

She admitted that she was wrong about the art class and teachers Day gifts. She imposed her ideas on other parents to please the teacher. She felt that the teacher was happy and would take extra care of her baby son.

Kindergarten teachers are the first teachers of children. Every word and deed has a huge impact on children. Sometimes a teachers encouraging smile can surpass a parents one hundred words of painstaking instruction.

Parents always keep the contradictory psychology of enigma in the distribution of educational resources. They are eager for the absolute equal opportunity, and at the same time they try their best to take advantage of it: to read high-quality kindergartens - to be allocated to the classes of excellent teachers - to get the special attention of teachers.

As a result, some members of the family Committee gradually put themselves in a wrong position, quietly sliding to the opposite of other parents. They just want to share their worries for their teachers, get their childrens attention from their teachers, stop putting the demands of other parents in their hearts, and no longer bear the responsibility of helping teachers communicate with their parents.

The work of the family Committee seems simple, but in fact it is complicated. It needs those parents who are good at communication, thoughtful, caring and have free time to be competent.

When my son was in the kindergarten class, the teacher had hoped that I would join the family Committee, but he was pregnant with the second child at that time, so he could only refuse for physical reasons.

During the spring sports meeting, the mothers of the family Committee helped to maintain order, distribute purified water and calm the childrens mood. They were busy everywhere.

During the anti kidnapping drill, they play the role of human traffickers and teach their children to identify bad people and protect themselves; when parents and children have a meal, they make dumplings and squeeze juice to decorate the classroom; when other parents misunderstand the teacher, they help explain; when the teacher has grievances, they timely persuade and comfort

They are the lovely mothers of positive energy and bring us a unforgettable kindergarten life. If the parents are also a class group, the family committee is the monitor tiantuan. They are good helpers of the teachers and intimate persons of the parents.

I always think that its a great destiny for children to learn in a class. As their parents, our parents are also setting an example for their children.

More trust, less suspicion; mutual respect, mutual help, parents get along well, children will get along better.

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