Do 40 year old remarried couples need to have a child to stabilize their marriage? First, recognize the following 3 points.

 Do 40 year old remarried couples need to have a child to stabilize their marriage? First, recognize the following 3 points.

For example, the husband and wife who choose to remarry at the age of 40 still have common expectations for the future, still believe in the power of love, and still feel that life still has a head.

In the hearts of many remarried couples, a common child is more conducive to the stability of marriage. However, if people reach 40, do they need to have a child to achieve marriage stability? Mingyi believes that it is understandable to achieve a stable marriage with children, but it is necessary to recognize the following three points before you can be clear about your mind.

[a 40 year old remarried couple, from economy to psychology, is ready to have another one

The economy is sufficient and the psychology is strong enough, not only thinking of having a child, the family will be happier, but also thinking of this child has come, I have enough conditions to meet him.

A remarried husband and wife aged 40, whether male or female, have one condition. They are ready to meet a new baby bravely, from economy to psychology.

[a remarried 40 year old couple, the premise of giving birth to another is considering for each other

If the other party has no children, or each other has no children, try everything possible to have another one, which is the continuation of marriage and the crystallization of love.

If the other party already has children, and has no intention of regeneration, please believe that husband and wife relationship can accompany the old, even more reliable than the children.

Mingyi believes that many remarried couples who have to fight for children after the age of 40 are all based on consideration for each other. Only in this way can the arrival of children become a real happy event.

[if a 40 year old remarried couple has children, they should first know whether to like to have children or have a purpose to have children

There is no denying that even couples who remarry at the age of 40 sometimes come together for a purpose.

For example, remarried wife is more beautiful, remarried husband is more capable. Once entering such a remarried marriage, many people are willing to have another child even when they are 40 years old. This is called purposeful regeneration, which not only wants to stabilize the marriage, but also wants to get the long-term benefits brought by marriage.