Xiong Ling: Internet addiction is hard and simple.

 Xiong Ling: Internet addiction is hard and simple.

Online games bring both pleasure and damage to children. Childrens addiction to the Internet has brought unprecedented sorrow and pain to their parents.

Happy, is the game developer. According to the analysis and prediction, online games will remain the most popular industry in the next 10 years. These games are a huge time consumption, which will lead to abuse and uncontrollable. Therefore, there is great commercial potential in it. For game addicts, there is no doubt that they are the cheaters who are trapped in investing in businesses. We know why people who make and sell drugs are willing to risk their lives to run drugs instead of taking drugs themselves? Because drug addiction is their great wealth, as long as someone is willing to hook up, they will become investors forever.

The huge commercial potential and motivation behind the Internet addiction is one of the difficult problems to get rid of it.

The second problem of quitting Internet addiction should be peoples attachment. People have attachment, but if a persons heart and behavior cannot be separated from an object (person or thing) that should be separated, it is called attachment obstacle. Internet addiction, in essence, is childrens excessive dependence on games, but also a kind of attachment obstacle.

Children who are addicted to the Internet are like people who are deeply in love. They are firmly netted by the net of love. They are like babies who are breastfeeding and are deeply attracted by their mothers breasts.

The reason why people are addicted to online games is precisely because there are too many stimulating elements in the games, which are enough to play the role of simulation and replace the reality of gratification. Young people, just in the pursuit of fresh, exciting, and weak control of the age stage, online games are easy to become their addictive magic object, virtual world has almost become the kingdom of their spiritual sustenance. Therefore, Internet addiction, like other addictions, children have a deep psychological attachment to games, that is, psychological addiction.

Psychological addiction is typically characterized by compulsion. This is a kind of thinking and behavior that we know we shouldnt, but we cant control. Its like people are caught by something. Although they know they should and want to get rid of it, they just cant get rid of it. A kind of helpless! Many times, the children who want to quit Internet addiction but cant quit are very self reproachful. Many parents also denounce the lack of perseverance of Internet addicted children. In fact, its mainly forced.

Why is psychological addiction so compulsive? Thats because of peoples deep attachment to addicts. Deep attachment, as mentioned above, is a kind of symbiotic psychological state just like a babys attachment to the mothers milk. If a baby is separated from its mother (milk), it will be in danger of loneliness and survival. It is a symbol of the psychological dependence of Internet addicted children. They have a desire to play at all times. If they are together with internet games, they are as happy and safe as babies and mothers. If they are disconnected from the Internet, they are as anxious and panic as if they are separated from their beloved attachment objects.

The children who are addicted to the Internet are rationally aware of the necessity of quitting the addiction to the Internet, but they cant control the need to surf the Internet, that is, the emotional desire for happiness and safety has overwhelmed the rational cognition. Therefore, the psychological phenomenon of being forced and separated anxiety is the difficulty of quitting Internet addiction.

To abstain means to forbid doing something and to get rid of bad habits. There are many types of addiction, some of which are healthy and beneficial to people, and some of which are only harmful. Harmful addictions need to be banned and eliminated. However, harmful addiction itself has the contradiction between physical and mental yearning and self destruction. We found that people who are addicted to drugs, cigarettes and Internet have a heroic spirit of knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, preferring to go to the mountains, knowing that it is a fire pit, preferring to jump down. Why is that?

Therefore, abstinence is like a knife. If we want to cut off the dependence between people and addicts, we will inevitably have the withdrawal reaction of physical and psychological pain. This is another problem of quitting Internet addiction.

Of course, to quit Internet addiction, we have to face the above problems, which also involve the personality characteristics and interpersonal environment of addicts. For example, there are two gambling addicts who swear to quit gambling addiction and believe that they really want to make a difference. One of them is more intolerant, independent and even stubborn; the other is favored since childhood, with indecisive personality and strong dependence. So, whether they can get rid of gambling addiction, the former is easier to achieve results than the latter.

How to quit Internet addiction, some people think we should start from the analysis of the reasons for the formation of Internet addiction. In fact, no matter what causes people to reach a certain degree of addiction, the individuals expectation of euphoria will not be different due to what causes or peoples identity and perseverance. For example, a professor or a hero, if they have been injected with drugs, their dependence on drugs will not be formed because of their high IQ or perseverance, nor will their addiction disappear naturally because the reason for their addiction is understandable or unforgivable.

The same is true of Internet addiction. There are many reasons for children to become addicted to games. But to become addicted, it is not because of the reasons, but because of the stimulation function of addicts and the enhancement of peoples instinctive satisfaction for pleasant stimulation. Therefore, it is useless to study and analyze the causes of Internet addiction, or to help children understand the harm and importance of Internet addiction from the perspective of cognitive orientation. The key to getting rid of the addiction to games is to find a way to separate addicts from addicts.

Since its hard to quit Internet addiction, why is it so simple?

Its hard to quit Internet addiction. Its based on the fact that the situation is not optimistic. Its indisputable. I just analyze why it is difficult to quit Internet addiction. But I also think its easy to quit Internet addiction.

There are many simple things in many complex things. Fundamentally speaking, people are more in pursuit of simplicity and simplicity, but they tend to circle in complexity. The modern chaos theory, the principle of complexity and the ancient Chinese philosophy all reveal the paradox of positive and negative (yin and Yang) in many things. If its hard to quit Internet addiction, we can find it simple from its difficulties.

From the above analysis of the factors why it is difficult to quit Internet addiction, we found that they are compulsive, separation anxiety and withdrawal response. Then, in view of these factors, one of the ways to quit Internet addiction can be considered: replication. That is, its as easy to quit Internet addiction as to stop breast milk.

Methods of duplicating breast milk:

The method of duplicating and breaking breast milk needs some measures. Because there is a difficulty in copying, which is the uncertainty of isolation from the game, contact with another person or another thing.

Because the baby is too young to decide, the forced method can let the baby contact with the substitute and eat the substitute. Teenagers, because of certain autonomy and selectivity, but lack of control, must be isolated from the game, and contact with another thing, must be combined with supporting measures, replication can be effective.

The so-called supporting measures are the supervision system (it needs to be stressed that in order to succeed in quitting Internet addiction, the first thing is that the parties have the desire to quit). Since you want to quit Internet addiction and know the significance and methods of breast milk duplication, you must implement the supervision system. This means:

First, identify a supervisor. It could be your father or mother or someone else. His functions are: to work out an agreement with you on abstinence; to take charge of computers and urge you to keep up with the action of new contact; and to urge you to implement the agreement. His right is to evaluate your behavior of quitting Internet addiction and reward and punish your implementation.

Second, identify new contacts of people or things. It can be an activity, a community organization, an entertainment, a long journey, etc.

Third, rewards and punishments. It is clearly stipulated that the provisions of the agreement are fulfilled within the limited time, and what rewards are given, and what penalties are given for violation of the agreement. For example, supervisors have the right to take charge of computers, but what about children going to Internet bars in private? We can make a penalty of 3 days work for violation of one time.

This is similar to a military order or statute. As the saying goes: no rules do not make a circle, which means that everything we do must follow their own rules, and things can succeed. When the military order is placed in front of the soldiers, they must obey unconditionally; whoever violates the social laws and regulations will be punished by the law enforcement department. This is the rule of social environment. If you are a real social person, you have to adapt to the rules of a certain environment and a certain field, unless you escape to live in a deserted place.

From why its hard to quit Internet addiction, we can see that we want to quit because games devour peoples time (life), and its hard to give up because games are the treasure of peoples attachment. So, we can derive two ways to quit Internet addiction: empathy.

Empathy is the transformation of addicted objects and addictive ways. Its an act of empathy.

Take an example: there is a 17-year-old boy who has been addicted to the Internet for 4 years. As a Killer online player, he has become a super power. His grades have been very good, from high school began to plummet, in addition to the game, he is not interested in anything. One night, his father said to him dejectedly, son, I lost to a junior go player in todays go game because of my shame! The child replied, its called the Yangtze Rivers back wave pushing the front wave. Good! Son, if you play go with dad every day, its training me. If you can beat me in three months, dad will award you a computer? Its a deal! In this way, the child and father kill a game of go every day. The father takes his children to go to the Go Association once a week. Gradually, the child fell in love with go. Instead of playing one or two game of kill chess every day, he was not comfortable. Less than 3 months later, childrens obsession with online games has shifted to their obsession with go games. This is to replace another dangerous habit with a useful habit.

The third way to quit Internet addiction: to coordinate two self.

Internet addicted children have two split selves: one is the strong me (excited me) in the virtual world of the Internet, and the other is the weak me (depressed me) in the real world. To get rid of Internet addiction, it is necessary for Internet addicted children to learn to coordinate the two unbalanced me, find the exciting point of a certain demand in the real world, and learn the way to meet the real needs.

Two I and two I coordinate:

If we regard the elimination of Internet addiction as a real need (goal), then in order to achieve this need (goal), we need to rely on the satisfaction of another or more needs as a means. What is one or more of these needs? It can be any one or more needs of me in the real world. That is to say, with the help of another practical need (goal), the need to get rid of Internet addiction (goal) will be reduced by one percentage point (next step every day) while increasing by one percentage point (further step every day).

It can make the coordination of two selves smooth and successful, and can help itself with the supervision system.

(Note: copy method and coordinate two selves are very rational conscious behaviors, and empathy method is very perceptual subconscious behaviors.)