Artificial intelligence system analyzes toilet photos to judge human health.

 Artificial intelligence system analyzes toilet photos to judge human health.

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Massachusetts Institute of technology researchers and seed microorganism company have established a cooperation to analyze peoples fecal photos using the newly developed auggi artificial intelligence system, and plan to establish a human fecal database to analyze the physical health of the testers based on fecal samples.

The researchers hope to collect the fecal photos provided by 100000 volunteers, analyze them and send the relevant data to the volunteers.

Seed, which works with MIT researchers to study and analyze human faeces using auggis artificial intelligence system, is committed to studying human microbial populations.

Seed said that people usually ignore the important indicators of their health every day - feces. The size, shape, color, composition, concentration and frequency of feces have an important impact on their overall health.

Auggi artificial intelligence system classifies fecal photos based on Bristol fecal measurement table, which is convenient to establish human fecal database and analyze the intestinal health status of the testers.

The researchers were able to strictly protect the privacy of the subjects. They would delete all explanatory materials and other identifying information from the fecal photos, and then send the information to auggi artificial intelligence system for analysis.

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