Orange red: in reality, its better not to marry a man like Yaohui

 Orange red: in reality, its better not to marry a man like Yaohui

If he is single and love is just beginning to bloom, then when he meets Xiuhe, he likes it. He can express it and understand it.

The point is that he had a girlfriend, and theres nothing wrong with her elegance.

Even if you are dissatisfied with this girlfriend and want to fall in love with other women, you can, but you have to like the woman of your elder brother, which is a bit indescribable.

When people say that love is unreasonable, its hard to help themselves. In fact, its not necessarily true. A lot of times, we need to deliberately self-discipline, otherwise everyone may see a love one.

And why can Yaohui and Xiuhe love each other at first sight? Its nothing more than freshness and attractiveness.

Wouldnt it be more appropriate to talk about common topics, common interests, resonance and elegant girlfriend? Dont they all read more and have a better understanding of the outside world?

So Yaohuis love for Xiuhe is mostly mixed with some thrill, mystery, and some self righteous savior and heroism.

The idea that Xiuhe should fall in love and marry a young man when he is young, that marrying a concubine who is older than her is not the idea that true love is not happy, and those assumptions with a little childish and arrogant are incisively and vividly displayed in him.

Thats why on the day when his eldest brothers wedding ceremony is held again, he has to gamble with him on wine, climbing mountains and joking that hes old This kind of young and frivolous performance makes people uncomfortable.

And before that, big brother expressed clearly: can we not rob Xiuhe from me? I like her.

Its obviously not the act of breaking someones mind, its the act of showing ones heart. This man who hesitates, advances and retreats, looks more and more unreliable.

Of course, if Xiuhe really feels that he is in the fire pit, he can warm her with love, redeem her and take her away.

The key is that the man Xiuhe married, that is, his eldest brother, really loves Xiuhe. Xiuhe has not suffered any hardship in that family. She is much happier than she was in her own home before.

If Yaohui doesnt take part in this and that and doesnt disturb Xiuhes heart, she can also feel happiness and love brought by master Rong.

So Yaohuis existence is the one who makes Xiuhe unhappy and dissatisfied.

And he mixed with big brothers marriage, always staying at Xiuhes side, obviously sorry for his girlfriends elegant. But he was like a man who forgot that he had a girlfriend. He was upright and strong, and he looked sad.

She had to come to the country to find him and marry him. Do you really dare to marry like this? Even if they do, they will not be able to trap the man, and it is difficult for him to give up.

Because he cant stand a little provocation or temptation, Xiuhe and Yaohui are always walking on the edge of wrong step. Each other some have no sense of boundaries, not enough effort to restrain to remind themselves.

So even if she married him, he would still approach Xiuhe and continue to tangle with her as long as he had the chance.

Although we are not saints and there is no mistake in liking someone, we should have morality and basic restraint and self-discipline.

It doesnt make sense to take love is the biggest as a reason. Its also wrong. Even it will make you regret it in the end.

Really love a person, or should consider a little more, a little more realistic, what kind of state is best for each other, what kind of behavior is best for each other, are to remind the norms of their own, not too arbitrary, do not have to feel aggrieved.

Whats more, if you choose the other half, you should be responsible for your choice. Its not right to say that youre sorry for the other half, but you still love others.

And the love they think sometimes is not a noble and true love. It is probably just an impulse and a psychology that they dont want to get more.